Aguja Blanca rum brand launched
Photo: Maby Martinez Rodriguez

As part of the activities of the third day of the XVI International Congress on Sugar and Derivatives (Diversification 2022), the Reference Center for Alcohols and Beverages (Cerable) of the Cuban Institute for Research on Sugarcane Derivatives launched the Aguja Blanca brand , an aged rum of optimal quality that brings together the heritage of traditional Cuban rum.

As explained by Idania Blanco, production director of the UEB rum plant for the production and scaling of Icidca, this rum descends from the Vigía rum brand, and owes its name to the passion that Hemingway felt for Cuban rum and fishing. sport of the marlin in the waters of the Island.

This is a premium quality product, with approximately 12 years of aging, which is diversified from one of the leading products of the sugar industry, which is alcohol, added Blanco.

This product is the result of a subtle blend of various aged base rums that are selected from the solera del Icidca, and has a strong flavor but a light aroma, made through a purely artisanal process.

For her part, Bárbara Rodríguez González, Director of Marketing and Business at Icidca, explained that it is expected that by the end of this year this rum will already be in the network of national stores, and will be marketed through TecnoAzúcar, marketer par excellence of Azcuba, or directly with the main chain stores in the country.

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