Agustín Rossi questioned the FdT internal:

The national government’s agenda is totally taken over by the ruling party. This Saturday, former Defense Minister Agustín Rossi -who in recent times has become one of the men closest to Alberto Fernández- asked to lower the decibels of the conflict: “You can’t be in a permanent debate until 2023″ he warned.

“The debate is fine, but it is nice if you are in opposition, we cannot be in permanent debate, you have to lower the intensity”, asked Rossi at the Cuyo region meeting of the National Militancy Current of the Frente de Todos, in the Mendoza town of Las Heras. “We say that we are a coalition, which is built between those who think alike and it turns out that we do not have the capacity to admit differences”, he added.

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From Alberto Fernández to the ministers of his Cabinet, all the public appearances of the officials end up revolving around the fight with Kirchnerism. In parallel, the Executive seeks to unify the speech on the side of “fear”: the leaders closest to the President highlight the “dangers” of a return of “macrismo” to power in the 2023 elections, in the face of growing internal

“What is at stake in the next elections are conquests of the last 70 years of Peronism”, Rossi maintained in that line, and assured that “they are not only going to come for Peronism, but for all the working rights, paid vacation, bonus”.

“The debate that we have what it is generating is increase the state of discouragement in society. There will be colleagues who agree with the Christianists and others with the Albertists. But the majority do not want to have anything to do with Christianists and Albertists, people worry about other things”, continued the former minister. “That’s what the PASOs are for,” he said.

“Peronism-Kirchnerism are permanent categories. Why are we not convinced that we are slbertists? Because it is a definition that implicitly does not include Cristina. And why are we not convinced that we are Christians today? Because it is a definition that implicitly does not include Alberto. So We prefer to be Peronists and Kirchnerists”, he expressed.

Rossi spoke in front of officials, political and social leaders, among whom were the president of the FdT deputies bloc, German Martinez; the national deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz; the vice president of the Central Bank, Sergio Woyecheszen; and the Malvinas Secretary of the Foreign Ministry, Guillermo Carmona.

During his speech, the former minister also recalled that “This President was hit by a pandemic and a warit is a different context, and we know that there is concern about inflation, but we also know that unemployment was lowered to 7″ and again pointed against the last Cambiemos government: “The four years of Macri never managed to lower unemployment” .

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