The Venezuelan freighter held in Ezeiza, and above the photo of the Iranian commander Gholamreza Ghasemi.

The main protagonist of the still mysterious plot surrounding the Venezuelan plane with an Iranian crew that has been “held” in Ezeiza for several days, the controller of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Agustín Rossi, insisted this Saturday on his “deduction” that “Iranian pilots were training Venezuelan crew members.”

“It will end up verifying what I said and because of what they surrounded me left and right, that the Iranian pilots were training the Venezuelans, because I repeat that a plane like the 747 is not that one can fly it just like that, I tell them that this type of plane must have more than 200 flight hours to be able to direct it…”Rossi noted in Very early Saturdaythe program of Marcelo Bonelli on Radio Miter. There, the official denied that the Government had acted slowly or had not responded to the intelligence reports, noting that “when the plane arrived in the country, there were no requests from Interpol for any of the Iranians and Venezuelans who were on board, nor did the plane have restrictions. , to the point that he had been in several countries and crossed the airspaces from Mexico”.

For the Paraguayan intelligence minister, the Iranian pilot is linked to the Quds Force: “He is not a namesake”

For Rossi, the restrictions on the loading of fuel to the machine were due “to the blockade imposed by the United States on Venezuela, which is for political reasons and not for questions of terrorism, as the opposition tried to impose here, making a novel of the subject along with journalism.

The Venezuelan freighter is targeting the Iranian commander of the ship, Gholamreza Gashemi.

When asked why, if it acted correctly and there is nothing to hide, the ruling party refused to allow Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero or other members of the Cabinet to appear in Congress, Rossi pointed out that “we were not going to lend ourselves to the opposition circus ” in Parliament.

Aníbal Fernández dismissed a Paraguayan minister, but thanked another for the letter of support

5 Intelligence. Rossi demanded that “the debate is a little more moderate”underlining that the entire issue of the arrival of the Emtrasur Cargo plane with Venezuelan and Iranian crew members “It is in the hands of Justice.”

“No one missed the turtle,” Rossi replied bluntly when Bonelli used that expression, pointing out that the YPF oil company did not load gasoline to the Boeing 747-300M “because it protected its own interests because it operates in the United States.”

“Until today everything is in order. Argentina is investigating and the Justice is acting,” Rossi concluded.

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