He took on a new challenge

Visiting Buenos Aires Agustina Agazani take advantage of your stay in the city to tour the Buenos Aires night, visit friends and discover new places. In the last hours through her social networks, she shared some postcards from her Thursday night and a video that captivated everyone.

In her Instagram stories, the Cordovan model showed that she went out for a few drinks at a bar in the Costanera Norte area. But she on her profile garnered thousands of hearts thanks to a dazzling video. Agustin Bernasconi’s ex He remembered the summer with a video from the pool and showed himself in a bikini.

A new challenge was encouraged (Instagram/AgusAgazzani/)

Entering the coldest time of the year, the actress also wanted to remember those days of full sun and high temperatures, even for a few moments. In that sense, she assured in the description of the publication: “I remember a little while in Eden” and filled with red hearts.

In just one day, its publication reached about 45 thousand reproductions and tons of comments of all kinds such as: “You are beautiful, gorgeous”, “You are undoubtedly the prettiest”, “You cannot believe that face” and “My Eden would be eternal with you by my side”.

Why did Agus Agazzani and Agus Bernasconi cut?

The influencer and Bernasconi separated in October 2021 after having a relationship of four and a half years. However, some friction caused the relationship to come to an end.

Agus Agazzani and Agustin Bernasconi

Agus Agazzani and Agustín Bernasconi (Instagram/)

Some time ago, Agus told in an interview with People How did they come to that decision? “Was many lies, many deceptions and many things that hurt quite a bit within quite ugly contexts. It was a very toxic relationship, very painful. The truth is that I had a pretty bad time and it cost me a lot to go out and build myself up, that’s why I chose to finish on good terms because for me he was a special person, “he acknowledged.

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