AIFA soldiers are now going to build the Mayan Train

Mexico City.- After “concluding” the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA)the Group of Army Engineers now joined the construction of the mayan train at Section 5 what about Tulum to cancunon Quintana Roo.

The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) informed that from the first hour of this Saturday the military engineers left for Tulum to join the work, which began with the clearing of jungle in the section that goes from Carmen beach to Cancun.

He indicated that 75 soldiers from different specialties in the field of Military Engineering began their transfer, the same ones that participated in the construction of the air terminal in Santa Lucia, State of Mexico.

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The engineers traveled in 36 vehicles, which carried 12 units of heavy machinery, 6 dump trucks and 9 mobile offices.

The Sedena explained that the movement will take place in two days; the first day includes a transfer of the AIFA until Cardenas, Tabasco, going by San Martin Texmelucan and the capital of Puebla, as well as the cities of Cordoba and Minatitlanon Veracruz.

Later, they will continue with the trip on March 27, departing from Cardenas, to Tulum Airport, going by Villahermosa, Tabasco, Escárcega and Xpujil, in Campecheas well asor Carrillo Puerto, in Quintana Roo.

“This group of Military Engineers will be carrying out the preliminary work for the construction of this work; likewise, they will be continuously redistributed along the Mayan Train route, to fulfill the mission,” Sedena highlighted.

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The Army faces Section 5 a change of line after a group of businessmen rejected the passage of the Mayan Train through the downtown area of ​​Playa del Carmen and Highway 307, which goes from that tourist destination to cancun, where various hotel complexes are located.

In the original project, an elevation was even contemplated for the passage of the train.

Faced with this scenario the federal government changed the layout for a route parallel to Highway 307, by the right of way of the CFE, where the jungle was already affected.

Regarding Playa del carmen the train is planned to pass about 8 kilometers west of the tourist zone, through a marginalized area and lots under construction.

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