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Al Thumama Stadium aims to display the culture of the country and the region on its intricate façade. It is one of the “jewels” of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

It is located 12 km from the center of Doha, has 40,000 seats and due to its proximity to the airport, fans traveling to Qatar will have the best view of the stadium. The construction cost 350 million dollars.

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After the World Cup is over, the enclosure will be reduced to 20 thousand seats to meet local needs and provide quality sports infrastructure to developing nations.

A branch of a sports clinic will open there, as well as a boutique hotel.

The area will become a community center with facilities for different sports, such as handball, volleyball, basketball and swimming. It will also have athletics and cycling tracks, which will provide a space for athletes of all kinds.

(Photo: Videolab)

The matches that will be played in this stadium

(Photo: Videolab)
(Photo: Videolab)

How to get to Al Thumama Stadium?

It can be reached using the Doha Metro and buses from the nearest station.

Al Thumama Stadium Fun Fact

  • He was designated with MIPIM Awardone of the most prestigious and which distinguishes large innovative and sustainable projects.
  • Its design represents the gahfiya, a traditional knitted hat worn by men and boys throughout the Middle East.

What matches will be played at the Al Thumama Stadium?

  • November 21 Group A: Senegal-Netherlands (07:00, Argentine time)
  • November 23 Group E: Spain-Costa Rica (07:00, Argentine time)
  • November 25 Group A: Qtie-Senegal (19:00, Argentine time)
  • November 27 Group F: Belgium-Morocco (10:00, Argentine time)
  • November 29 Group B: Iran-USA IR (16:00, Argentine time)
  • December 1 Group F: Canada-Morocco (12:00, Argentine time)
  • December 4th round of 16: 1D-2C (12:00, Argentine time)
  • December 10 Quarter finals: W55-W57 (12:00, Argentine time)

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