Talleres vs Chaco for Ever in Salta (Press Talleres)

After the 90 minutes in which workshops equalized goalless against Chaco For Ever, for the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup, Alan Aguerre started the penalty shootout with a lot of confidence. Already was the figure for keeping the arch undefeated and more after saving two of penalty kicks.

the archerhero of the Salta night for the T, said He barely faced the camera of the official broadcast: “I don’t have to beIt’s difficult because I was used to playing, but I knew what I was coming for and you have to be prepared, with a predisposition for when it’s my turn to tackle. Talleres is in one of its best moments in its history”.

Talleres vs Chaco for Ever in Salta (Press Talleres) (press workshops/)

And regarding the definitionthe caretakers gave his opinion: “I had studied the kickers, but then there were three who kicked, luckily there were many mistakes and luckily it turned out better for us”.

But it was also self-critical with the soccer moment of the albiazul team. “We entered a football decline, we did not play well against Arsenal (for the Professional League), but we have to continue, Central Córdoba is coming to us, which will be a tough rival and then the round of 16 (of the Copa Libertadores) with Colón. This is day by day, the positive thing is that we are still in the Copa Argentina and we have the crossing with Colón in the Libertadores”, closed the one.

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