Albert Fernandez: "I'm not going to do anything to break up, because I don't want Macri to come back"

After the long interview he gave this Saturday to Radio 10, President Alberto Fernandez spoke about the economic situation in Argentina, once again harshly questioned the businessmen by pointing out that “they make people suffer” and reaffirmed his intention that the Front of All win again in 2023. “The first thing I want is for us to succeed so that Macri does not come back”said the head of state, while repeating as he has said so many times that he will seek to maintain the unity of the ruling party despite the internal crisis: “I’m not going to do anything to break up.”

“I learned that when we divide, Macri wins and I’m not going to do anything to break up. However, I think we should give ourselves a great debate because the world today is not the same as it was ten years ago. The post-pandemic crisis added to the post-war crisis is going to give a different global system. I want us to discuss those issues in a frank debate. I really want to do it and for that we all have to have the right to give an opinion, to debate and to run,” said the President in an interview with Page 12 which was published on June 19.

consulted on whether he will run for re-electionFernández this time chose caution and considered: that he is “More concerned about all the economic problems than about running for office, but I don’t escape that.” “The first thing I want is for us to succeed so that Macri does not come back,” he clarified.

The main phrases that President Alberto Fernández left on Saturday on Radio 10

Prices and inflation: “I don’t play distracted,” said Fernández

Regarding inflation and the rise in prices, which some consultants already place above 70% by the end of the year, the head of state assured that “the problem exists, I don’t pretend to be distracted and assume reality”.

“The INDEC says what it says, I accept it and work every day to solve it in a scenario of enormous complexity and in an internal scenario where there are few who supportively say: ‘we are going to help fix things’. As a Peronist who I am, I believe that nobody is fulfilled in a community that not all are fulfilled, and they aim to ensure that Argentine society is not fulfilled, “he said.

In that aspect, and consulted about the discouragement that exists in society due to the general rise in the cost of living, Fernández considered that this is going to be reversed. “Because people are going to see that Argentina is growing and that what we said was true.”

They warn that the Argentine economy resembles the previous period of hyperinflation

Alberto Fernández questioned the businessmen: “I have applied fines left and right, and the increases did not stop”

For Alberto Fernandez, “There are businessmen who earn too much and make people suffer” and raised the need for “all of us to commit to implementing an exception mechanism that allows us to get around this moment”.

The mechanism, he said, has to be “seeking consensus.” “We are in a war, they are earning too much and that makes people suffer. I don’t want them to lose, but let’s put a limit on their utility, selling the product at a price that the final consumer doesn’t lose so much,” she said, criticizing the private sector.

The President considered that “dialogue does not work, but neither do the pricing systems”. He said that he, like Perón, applied the Supply Law, but even so the businessmen increased prices: “I have applied fines right and left, and the increases did not stop. The mechanism has to be to seek consensus,” detailed.

Along these lines, he argued that “the government is doing a lot, what happens is that the tools are not enough.”

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