Albert Fernandez: "There was nothing dark with the plane, it is part of the madness that is experienced in part of Argentine politics"

In a long interview given to Dario Villarruel in your program Summary Secretin radius 10President Alberto Fernandez This Saturday he reviewed numerous current issues, and on the specific issue of the Venezuelan plane manned by Iranian citizens, he remarked that “there was no irregularity” neither with the 747 of the Emtrasur company nor with the crew, and aimed his criticism at the opposition that “he wanted to show something that is not, some dark movement”.

“The concrete thing is that there was no irregularity, on that plane there were five Iranian people, but no type of restriction weighs on them, nor on the cargo”, Fernandez pointed out on Radio 10, defending the performance of the leadership of the Camporista company that directs the YPF company, which joined the Shell and Axion companies in the decision not to load fuel on the Venezuelan plane, so as “not to face problems or sanctions from the United States that could affect them.”

Analyzing the controversy generated around the “Ministro Pistarini” aircraft held at the Ezeiza International Airport, Fernández made harsh criticism of the opposition leaders, who “wanted to show something that was not, some dark movement, but there was nothing of that , the Government acted quickly” on the topic:

“As is the opposition, they tried to take advantage of it, even remembering events as painful as the attack on the AMIA,” lashed the President, considering everything “they spoke of terrorism, it is part of the madness that is experienced in part of Argentine politics.”

“The economic program is my greatest obsession”

Already on the economic issue, Alberto Fernández acknowledged this Saturday on Radio 10 that the economic program “is failing in distribution” and affirmed that those problems dragging the economy constitute “my greatest obsession”.

“Argentine production is flying, we have a record for industrial production. Production is doing well, employment is also doing well, including informal employment”, indicated the President, but he wondered “where is the program failing?” and felt that it is “in distribution”.

“Precisely in the distribution is where the salary grows and the pocket is filled with money. That is our greatest obsession today,” said Alberto Fernández. In this sense, Alberto Fernández admitted that “It is true that real wages are still low.”


Regarding the segmentation of rates, the President defended the initiative and pointed out: “That the rich pay what they have to pay and let us give the most vulnerable what they need. That is the meaning of the segmentation. Those who have money are going to pay what corresponds to”.

Unexpected income and right

The subject of the project of unexpected rent, considered that “must be approved” and remembered that “At the Summit of the Americas, Biden told me that he is promoting it. The world is moving in that direction.”

On the other hand, the President analyzed the growth of right-wing spaces in the world and affirmed that “As a consequence of the pandemic there is a very serious state of social commotion in people”.

“Many exploit that and multiply it to generate discouragement, deepen discomfort. That’s why VOX exists, (Marine) Le Pen, (Javier) Milei, (Gustavo) Petro is fighting against a character… It’s happening all over the world” , Fernandez noted.

“Argentina is not having an institutional problem, but one of an economic, political nature, partly derived from the internal condition, which is also altered by the great world crisis that we are experiencing. We do not take dimension of what we live” added the President.

He also spoke about the 2023 elections, indicating that “people are finally going to understand this commotion that we are experiencing, it is going to pass, and they are going to see who told the truth and who lied. Now they realize that vaccines were not poison, that no one lacked vaccines, that the economy is recovering little by little”.

When asked if he will seek a new term as head of the Casa Rosada, the President insisted that he is going “to work so that those who did the greatest damage to Argentina that I remember do not return, and I am also going to work so that within the national and popular space let us have a rational debate about what we want to be”.

“Francisquito has me lost”

Finally, the note on Radio 10 went to family issues, and the President pointed out that his baby, Francisco Fernández Yañez, “is a phenomenon and he has me lost.”

In that sense, he even joked about the amount of coat what the first lady, Fabiola Yañez, puts to the little one: “The mother thinks Francisquito is in Antarctica.”

After emphasizing that he perceives paternity “else” With his second son, Alberto Fernández released some details of how life changed in the Presidential Residence since the arrival of the baby: “He sleeps quite well. A month later he had the famous colic and there he did drive us crazy. We had a bit of a bad time there, because we saw him badly. Now he sleeps 5 hours straight.”


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