Albert Fernandez:

“Sergio (Massa) knows, as I do, the obligation we have with each one of you. That obligation will not stop, as well as any of the 5,000 public works that we are building. The 100 technical schools that we are working on will not stop. building throughout the country, nor the 120,000 homes we are building. Our duty is with you, not with others,” said the President while participating in the reactivation of the rail service that connects Cañada de Gómez with Rosario after 45 years old, in the province of Santa Fe, accompanied by the Minister of Economy, in the first official activity that both share after the assumption of the now ex-deputy in office last Wednesday.


Alberto Fernández: “We are going through difficult economic times and some are in charge of making them more difficult.”

Presidency of the Nation

In other matters, the president affirmed today that “the train is needed far and wide so that it continues connecting Argentina and ends with the disintegration of the country.”

The President stressed that “the train connects us and makes us equal, two values ​​that we must rescue”, when leading the act.

“We have had very difficult years but we have a promising future ahead of us. The train gives us an account of that future where we must connect more,” said the president at the ceremony accompanied by the Minister of Economy, Serge Massa; and its pair of Transport, alexis warrior.

Alberto Fernández met with Sergio Massa to evaluate the measures and the “roadmap”

President Alberto Fernández held a meeting on Thursday with the new Minister of Economy, Sergio Massain which they “assessed the situation based on the latest changes that occurred” and “advanced on the roadmap and implementation of some of these measures.”

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Alberto Fernández met with Sergio Massa to evaluate the measures and the

Alberto Fernández met with Sergio Massa to evaluate the measures and the “road map”.

Fernández and Massa had lunch in the presidential office of Casa Rosada, in a “long work meeting,” the spokeswoman reported. Gabriela Ceruti in one of his usual weekly press conferences on Thursdays at the Casa Rosada.

In addition, Massa brought Fernández to sign the project that establishes a special regime for exports of surplus oil from next January 1.

It is a system of “benefits and incentives for companies” to bring in dollars, said the spokeswoman.

“We regained a certain sense of stability”Cerruti stressed, adding that “that virulent moment of speculation in recent weeks has passed,” referring to the volatility of the dollar.

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