Alberto Cormillot and Estefania Pasquini, newlyweds

the of Alberto Cormillot and Estefanía Pasquini is a love story that had to face the prejudice of others and its own. But since love is always stronger (as the nation says), they allowed themselves to feel it, they fell in love, they tried living together, they got married and today they are parents of Emilio, who will soon be one year old.

They first met in 2012 when Estefanía Pasquini started working at the Cormillot Clinic, although to be precise, they saw each other much earlier. “Estefania met me more than 15 years ago, when she started studying Nutrition, but I didn’t know her then, because she was director of the program and I didn’t register her; I don’t remember her. Years later she started working at the clinic and at first we didn’t have any relationship either. But at one point he started asking me for help with his patients, He consulted me on labor issues until one day he stopped calling me a doctor…”, detailed Alberto Cormillot.

The first barrier they had to overcome was that ofto another’s gaze, although the 48-year age difference made noise for them too: today he is 83 and she is 35. At first, Estefania’s parents did not accept the relationship and they looked at him suspiciously, wondering what this gentleman who was even older than them wanted from his daughter.

Until they understood that there was love in that couple and that what was seen from the outside was real: they were happy together. Soon, the doors of his house were opened to the doctor and they began to receive him with great affection. Instead, Cormillot’s sons, Adrián (48) and René (54) accepted the courtship from day one.

Cupid surprised them both. About the beginning of this story, Cormillot said: “It was not love at first sight but it appeared with the daily treatment. I could say that I fell in love with its warmth, her sensitivity, her great sense of humor, that she is a non-confrontational person and is also very pretty… Love has no explanation, there is a vibration that is produced and that is special, different. This also explains the age difference”, he reflected in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for Miter Live.

And he was honest about the subject: “The truth is that I myself have criticized some older friend of mine who married a young girl, so I understand that some people may think badly. But nothing they tell us can be more than what we already talk about. Today I don’t really care what people say, although there are some things that hurt a little bit, ”she said before the wedding.

Alberto Cormillot and Estefania Pasquini, newlywedsMovilpress

And he clarified: “I have prejudices like everyone else but not ‘old age’. I learned to hang from a harness at 78 years old. I don’t ask myself how old I am when I want to do something. If I can, I do it. The question would be how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are. Anyway, I didn’t imagine that she was going to marry me again. It wasn’t in my plans.”

The couple dated during two years before making the courtship official. They did it in 2019, when he invited Pasquini to question of weighteither, which at that time issued eltrece. At the end of that year they were married, with great fanfare.

“Marriage is the way to finish confirming that we have chosen each other forever, that we are a family and that We are together for the good and especially for the bad, and we accept ourselves with everything we bring beforehand. Every time they tell me that my relationship with Alberto is going to take my life away, I tell them that it’s the opposite. He gives me more life than anyone can imagine. Being with him changed my relationship with myself… Sometimes I think he made me a more normal person,” Pasquini said in an interview.

Emilio, the couple’s son, was born in September 2021 and after several attempts to achieve the much desired pregnancy. “We were looking for it. Imagine that one of these things can happen to you by accident if you are young, but at 80 is because you made the decision. Before she met me, she didn’t want to get married or have children. Wow, things have changed.” the doctor told Magazine Hello.

And she confessed: “I had other previous relationships, but I had never felt the need to marry or become a mother. I was used to living alone, organizing my vacations, coming and going when I wanted. I was happy with my life. Every day I did crossfit, went running, swam, I had a more or less armed life. When we started dating Alberto, I saw things differently. Clearly I fell in love because I have no other explanation. I think that when you fall in love, you think of motherhood as a possible path. Alberto immediately gave me his whole heart: ‘I want everything with you’, he told me. ‘Everything what?’ I asked with enormous fear because I knew the answer. Over time I realized that he was not playing, that he truly wanted everything with me.”

Estefanía Pasquini and Alberto Cormillot last year, during Emilio's first Christmas
Estefanía Pasquini and Alberto Cormillot last year, during Emilio’s first ChristmasInstagram

“When he told me that, we decided to stop taking care of ourselves and be parents. I have never felt this way about anyone. He is the man of my life. He made me relax, lower my guard and encourage me to take that first step to give him all my love because he already did the same with me. Contrary to what many may think due to the age difference, we are not in different harmony nor is the love we have for each other unequal. I never felt so happy in my life”.

They stopped taking care of themselves but Estefanía did not get pregnant and that’s where the studies began, which were also surprising.

Estefanía Pasquini shared in networks the evolution of her long-awaited pregnancy
Estefanía Pasquini shared in networks the evolution of her long-awaited pregnancyInstagram: @estefi_pasquini

“Clinical results ultimately showed that he was like a kid of 20 and the one with the eggs of an old lady was me. I have low ovarian reserve, almost like a woman in menopause. And that for me was a blow. We visited several fertilization clinics to stimulate the eggs, but since they did not grow, many times the treatment ended up being interrupted. There was a moment when I thought that this happened to me for having said so many times that I did not want to be a mother… I felt it as a punishment, “revealed Estefanía herself.

However, and despite the fact that “it seemed impossible”, the long-awaited pregnancy finally arrived and Emilio was born a few days before spring, on September 17, 2021. “Emile was born. He is perfect. Estefi, too! We are mom and dad!”, expressed the doctor on his Twitter account. Pasquini, for his part, celebrated the news on Instagram with a tender photo of the newborn’s feet along with the caption: “Impossible to sleep, if I can’t stop looking at it.”

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