Alberto Fernandez

“Francisquito is a phenomenon, he is beautiful. He has me lost”he remarked.


Along these lines, the President assured that there is a great difference between his first fatherhood and this one: “There are 30 years of difference, for a person it is a lot. One receives and perceives everything differently, but the love for a child is always unconditional “.

“It is a unique love that is not the other way around. We children are not with our parents as our parents are with us,” Fernández said.

Finally, the President said that after the interview he was going to “take him out for a little while” and explained: “While I’m walking, we take a walk together, he in the cart, and I walking.”

His other son, Estanislao, was born on December 16, 1994, son of Alberto Fernández and his ex-wife, Marcela Luchetti, whom he divorced in 2005. The young man, who is now 26 years old, is known as Dyhzy, since he does not he likes his real name.

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