Alberto Fernandez arrived in Colombia

The president, Alberto Fernández, arrived in Colombia this Saturday to attend tomorrow the inauguration ceremony of the new president of that country, Gustavo Petro. His trip takes place in the middle of another of the most intense weeks of his government, with the arrival of Sergio Massa at the Ministry of Economy taking his first steps and measures.

Fernández left Argentina this Friday the 5th after 7:00 p.m., accompanied by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafieroto support Petro whom he considers a future regional ally. When he won the ballot on June 19, Fernández said that this result will help “validate democracy and ensure the path towards an integrated Latin America, at this time that requires the maximum solidarity among brother peoples.”

King Felipe VI of Spain, and presidents Gabriel Boric (Chile), Pedro Castillo (Peru), Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador), Luis Abinader (Dominican Republic) and Laurentino Cortizo (Panama), among others, will also participate in the inauguration ceremony. .

Also, as head of CELAC, Alberto Fernández will hold meetings with his counterpart from Honduras, Xiomara Castro, and with the Bolivian president, Luis Arce.

Alberto Fernández’s support for Colombia

The President and Vice President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, held separate meetings in Buenos Aires on July 29 with Francia Márquez Mina, the first Afro-Colombian and the second woman to be vice president of his country.

As reported by Casa Rosada, the meeting between the President and Márquez Mina was to discuss “the challenges of the region in environmental matters and the rights of people of African descent.”

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