Alberto Fernández promised that on this May 1 each official will be the

President Alberto Fernandez addressed this Saturday the problem of wages and inflation in a ceremony held prior to May 1. “On this Labor Day, I promise you that every government official will be the salary minister”, affirmed the president.

This was expressed in a presentation in which announced the 400 thousand construction worker in Argentina. The ceremony took place at the intersection of the Presidente Perón Highway and Provincial Route 58, at the height of the municipality of San Vicente, in the province of Buenos Aires.

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The president was there together with the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis; the General Administrator of National Roads, Gustavo Arrieta; and the local mayor, Nicholas Mantegazza.

“Now that the economy has advanced, developed, grown, we have only one concern; that the salary grows day by daythat the pockets of the Argentines are strengthened, that workers beat inflation with their salaries. That is the way to build a fair Argentina”, said Fernández in the midst of an economic context of high inflation and joint negotiations.

He also spoke again about the inheritance received: “we all know the country we received and everything we had to do to get it back. It was necessary to put the economy in motion, reactivate it, turn on the economy. We made it, we grew more than 10 percent”.

Fernandez remarked that “now all our efforts are to create jobs” and that “Labor Day is celebrated by creating jobs in Argentina.”

Fernández celebrated the growth of employment in construction

During the act, Fernández also mentioned the “growth” of the country and highlighted the rise in employment in the construction sector. “We put in our heads that federal Argentina needed a works plan and we achieved growth that today translates into more than 4 thousand works throughout the country. That determined that employment grows and today we celebrate 400 thousand construction workers”, said the President.

“In Argentina when the largest number of construction workers was registered, there were 420 thousand, one third worked in public works, two thirds worked in private activity”, he compared.

The act of Kirchnerism for May 1

In parallel to the act of Alberto Fernández, Maximo Kirchner led an act with the trade union branch of Justicialism in Buenos Aires. The PJ met this Saturday in Baradero, at the premises of the Luz y Fuerza union. There, prior to the May 1 celebration, were union leaders from the 135 districts of Buenos Aires.

The leader of La Cámpora and president of the Buenos Aires PJ, Máximo Kirchner, led a party act in Baradero and once again criticized Martín Guzmán (Photo: Télam).
The leader of La Cámpora and president of the Buenos Aires PJ, Máximo Kirchner, led a party act in Baradero and once again criticized Martín Guzmán (Photo: Télam).

Maximo Kirchner returned to point against the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, for not getting involved in “power struggles”. “It catches my attention: how come our Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, says that he does his job, but does not get involved in power disputes? When I don’t get involved and let everything happen, it’s always the whale that eats the krill.”

“When they are done bad economic readings happens what happened in the province of Buenos Aires last year. The Frente de Todos renewed 18 national deputies. We renewed 15, lost three and it is very difficult for us to advance in the agenda with which we committed ourselves”, said the son of the vice president.

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