Alberto Fernández in the act of Health

After the harsh statements by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner amid tensions in the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernandez He participated in an act of Health Workers and defended his management. “I I never pretended to be distracted by the problems of Argentina”, he sentenced.

In this sense, the president also remarked that just as he takes care “that work grows”, he will continue to do so “so that the pocket of the Argentines is getting stronger”. In his speech during the annual congress of the Federation of Associations of Argentine Health Workers (Fatsa) he highlighted that “The economy grows and formal work increases” but he acknowledged that “distribution is having problems.”

Alberto Fernández at the Health Act (Presidency Press/)

“As long as these inflation rates are available, income distribution is a problem,” Fernández admitted. And he recognized which the “obsessions” of his management: “get the job back, this is being fulfilled. We got double-digit unemployment, I think 12 percent, and today we’re at 7. But recover a salary that between 2015 and 2019 it fell 20 points that demands work; and demands to ask the powerful to distribute the wealth. That in addition to winning, those who work have to win”.

While regarding the social situation, he stated: “I never hid the problems of Argentina, I never played the distracted one or in the face of poverty, inequality and lack of work. I am a Peronist and when I see a problem I put my chest on it and see how I deal with it. The whole truth is on the table.”

Alberto Fernandez with Hector Daer

Alberto Fernández with Héctor Daer (Presidency Press/)

Accompanied by the leader of the union and co-secretary general of the CGT Héctor Daer, Fernández exhorted: “The only thing we are not going to compromise on is living with inequality”.

Days ago the vice president had criticized the economic model: “The money is not enough, it does not reach the end of the month and there is a phenomenon that we had not known, which is that of poor dependent workers.”

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