Alberto Fernández signed  an agreement to strengthen the training of the Security Forces.

The Head of State, who was accompanied by the holders of the Security portfolios, Hannibal Fernandezand Education, Jaime Perczyksigned four agreements for a total amount of 39,500,000 pesos to be executed between 2022 and 2023.

In this regard, he indicated: “We must give more quality not only to the universities of the security forces but to their educational quality” because “in a state of law, being able to carry out an efficient security policy and respecting its regulations is an essential condition.”


Alberto Fernández signed an agreement to strengthen the training of the Security Forces.

Presidency of the Nation

“I think that the secret of Argentina is in the development of knowledge and knowledge, where universities go to people to make it easier for everyone to study,” concluded the president.

The secretary of University Policies also participated in the announcement, Oscar Alpa; and the Secretary of Security and Criminal Policy, Mercedes La Gioiosa.

The measure seeks to strengthen the entire Vocational Training, Specialization and Training System for members of the police forces by financing support and improvement plans for the different spaces.

Taking the floor, the head of the educational portfolio explained that “the agreement” will encourage “the university institutes of the three security forces assimilate and are part of the same policies” that govern “national universities”, and stressed that their objective is “continuous and permanent improvement, the financing of institutions in strategic careers and teacher training”.

For his part, Minister Fernandez reported that “security policy needs to be studied, analyzed and grown every day”while reflecting: “We saw in international situations how to participate in something much bigger that generates serious and forceful public policies, but also with a lot of meat.”

The Secretary General of the Presidency, Julius Vitobello; in addition to authorities of the police and security forces; rectors of national universities and university institutes dependent on the forces, and representatives of the Argentine teachers’ unions.

The agreements include the modernization of virtual classrooms in the areas of software, hardware and training for teachers and those who make up distance education centers (CEAD), and the strengthening of academic research and university extension programs.

Also, They involve the construction of trial simulation rooms and the improvement of biosimulation spaces for nursing, within the framework of the strategic careers that are taught at the Federal Police University Institute (IUPFA).

On the other hand, the creation of a comprehensive career dedicated to the training of federal detectives was announced, which includes two university degrees, with three cohorts made up of 180 police students, non-commissioned officers and officers, who began their courses in May of this year and will be replicated in August.

The career also includes the development of a degree in criminal investigation that will begin in March 2023 and will be aimed at active federal and provincial police personnel. Meanwhile, a postgraduate specialization in complex crime investigation is being created and will be presented to CONEAU in October of this year.

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