Alberto Fernández spoke with López Obrador for the IDB, but has not yet obtained their support
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The Inter-American Development Bank will define a new head on Sunday, an election in which the government of Alberto Fernandez I hoped I had a chance. But a talk between the President and Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the last hours shakes the candidacy of Cecilia Todesca Bocco since the Mexican defended his candidate despite the fact that he had promised to support our country’s candidate and reach the definition with consensus.

López Obrador had assured Alberto Fernández that if Argentina presented a name, he would accompany him.. However, given the delay of our country in announcing Cecilia Todesca Bocco for the competition, Mexico brought its own candidate. “We are going to see if he honors the theory of the mejicaneada or keeps his word,” an official warned the President while the plane was going from Paris to Bali to participate in the G20. This leader told him that he was convinced that Mexico would not lower his candidate and that he should be given 48 hours to take a public position.

Cecilia Todesca Bocco: “The IDB must be a promoter of private investment”

Already at the summit of world leaders, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero spoke with his Mexican counterpart, Marcelo Ebrard. She did it in a kinder tone than the one recommended by the other official in the entourage. “Foreign relations with sovereign countries are not exercised in this way,” said the official about demanding that they pronounce themselves. They didn’t and that’s whythis Thursday from Madrid, the President communicated with López Obrador.

As far as PROFILE could find out, The Mexican limited himself to praising the Mexican applicant who presented. There was no indication that Mexico will drop its name in the next few hours and the election is on Sunday, so Argentina is running out of time and with few (or none, remarks an official) chances of reaching consensus with the name of Todesca Bocco.

Decisive election at the IDB

For the Government, the presidency of the IDB depends on whether the president of Mexico. López Obrador introduced Gerardo Esquivel, vice president of the Central Bank, who would have the US endorsement. Due to the latter, it would not be so easy for the Mexican to lose his nominee. “The discussion is between Latin America and the United States Treasury. If Mexico does not run, it is because it gave a candidate to the Treasury ”, they say from the government. And delimits: “They do Latin Americanism, then they cross the border, eat a hamburger and forget about Latin Americans”.

If Mexico accompanied Argentina, from the Government they assured that “It would be on the short list.” Here the dispute would be between Brazil and Argentina. Outgoing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has nominated current IMF Western Hemisphere director Ilhan Godlfjan for the post. The endorsement of the elect, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva never came, but the Brazilian would be another candidate who would have the endorsement of the United States.

The vote for the election of the new president of the IDB, after the dismissal of the American Mauricio Claver-Carone, will take place this November 20, in Washington. Sergio Massa should vote there, who evaluated traveling directly from Madrid. However, he returned to Buenos Aires, the talk with López Obrador did not go as Alberto Fernández expected. Who will vote on behalf of Argentina is Marco Lavagna, who is already there.

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