Alberto Fernández affirmed that he is not analyzing competing to be re-elected in 2023
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As announced, this Saturday President Alberto Fernández an endoscopy was performed at the Otamendi Sanatorium, to analyze the symptoms of erosive gastritis that affected him as part of his recent international tourespecially on the stopover in Bali. The examination did not find “lesions with active bleeding”, which allows us to infer that the situation experienced in Indonesia has been overcome for the moment, although the problem, which is longstanding, will continue to be closely monitored.

Sources close to the Presidency informed Clarion that “the study went well” and the president is already back at Quinta de Olivos. He was advised to rest and gradually resume his management tasks.

“I will keep public opinion informed of the medical evolution of the president’s health,” closes the message that bears the signature of Dr. Federico Saavedra, who has been in charge of the President’s health for more than a decade and who now leads the Presidential Medical Unit.

The President’s health problem

Alberto Fernández worried his entire entourage when he collapsed in Bali, Indonesia, due to digestive bleeding caused by erosive gastritis. One of the officials close to the President assured that “it could have been a tragedy”, since in the capital of the Asian country the ideal conditions were not given for the head of state to undergo a complex treatment.

News in development.

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