On Thursday they had met at the Casa Rosada.  (Photo: Presidency)

Alberto Fernandez led this Friday the act of reactivation of the Cañada de Gómez-Rosario passenger train, in the province of Santa Fe, which had ceased to function 45 years ago. He did it with Serge Massain the first official activity that they shared together since the assumption of the Tigrense as the new Minister of Economy, on Wednesday of this week.

Massa followed the speech in silence, while the President called for the unity of Argentines after pointing out that he had done “a lot for the unity of the Frente de Todos” and mentioning Cristina Kirchner on several occasions. The message made two references to the economic crisis: “We are going through difficult economic times… and some are in charge of making it more difficult for us”, said. The other point was public works: he promised that there will be no paralysis in the projects underway.

The act was also attended by the Minister of Transport, alexis warrior, who answers to the leader of the Renovador Front. The three arrived at the commune of Belt -distant about 60 kilometers from Rosario- after 11:30, where they were received by the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perottione of the provincial leaders who had publicly pressured Alberto Fernández to designate Massa as “super minister”.

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From there, the entourage traveled by train to Glen of Gomezin a journey that took about half an hour, after which the head of state inaugurated there the railway section that connects the city of Rosario with Cañada de Gómez, after 45 years without service.

According to the official report, it is estimated that 2,000 passengers per day will move between the 71 kilometers that separate the Rosario Norte and Cañada de Gómez stations, a journey that requires 2 hours and 10 minutesand has intermediate stops in Correa, Carcarañá, San Gerónimo, Roldán, Funes and Antártida Argentina.

The new role of Alberto Fernández after the changes in the Cabinet

On Thursday they had met at the Casa Rosada. (Photo: Presidency)

The arrival of Sergio Massa to the Government as “super minister” left the President relegated in the official internal Y away from decision making.

On Thursday, the head of state sought to give a centrality signal”. After the swearing-in and the first announcements of the new minister, he met at the Casa Rosada with Sergio Massa, with photo included. According to the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerutiduring the meeting they analyzed the market’s reaction to the cabinet changes and “advanced on the roadmap” that the new minister presented on Wednesday.

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In the presidential environment, they assure that Alberto Fernández held permanent meetings and conversations with the leader of the Renovating Front, before the swearing-in, but they indicated that there was no real interference on the principle of “economic plan” later presented by Sergio Massa. The situation was definitively removed -or “they ran it”, depending on who is consulted within the Front of All-.

After passing through Santa Fe, Alberto Fernandez will leave heading to Colombia. Originally, the Head of State was expected to travel to Bogotá on Saturday, but, as indicated by the team led by Gabriela Cerruti as presidential spokesperson, it will be out this fridayin one day which is a good example of new role he occupies the President: tours of territory, tours of the interior and protocol trips outside the country.

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