Andrea Falaschi, director of Epidemiology of Mendoza.

Since Health of Mendoza confirmed a suspected case of Monkeypox, after being assisted by a man from Spain who came to the province to visit his relatives.

The samples will be analyzed in the National Administration of Laboratories and Health Institutes (ANLIS) Carlos Malbrán.

Andrea Falaschi, director of Epidemiology of Mendoza, confirmed that “it they took samples from the consultation patient in isolationwhich will be sent this Tuesday to the Malbrán Institute to determine the pertinent results”, the professional remarked to Channel 9.

Andrea Falaschi, director of Epidemiology of Mendoza. (Government of Mendoza/)

“In the Malbran Institute one will be made electron microscopy Y PCRso the confirmation or to discard the positivity will be within 48 hours, “confirmed Falaschi.

He also reported that the patient “He is evolving, but he has other injuries and none of the patient’s cohabitants have symptoms.


Monkeypox. (ef/)

What is monkeypox?

Is a disease caused by a virus, viral zoonoticwhich means you can be transmitted from animals to humans.

It can also be spread from person to person. The disease is so named because it was detected in several monkeys in a laboratory in 1958.

But most of the animals that are susceptible to contracting the disease and then infecting people are rodents, such as Gambian giant rats, dormouse or prairie dogs.


Fever, severe headache, muscle aches, back painlow energy, swollen lymph nodes, and rashes or skin lesions.

The rash usually begins on the first or third day of the onset of the fever.

The lesions may be flat or slightly raisedfilled with transparent or yellowish liquid, to later form scabs, dry up and fall off, which can last between two and four weeks.

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