Alexander Blessin stunts with Genoa against Juventus with two goals in the absolute final phase, rescue is still possible

Genoa defeated Juventus 2-1 in Serie A on Friday evening. The team of Alexander Blessin (ex-KV Oostende) is still in a relegation place, but comes within one point of number 17 Salernitana.

For a long time it looked as if Genoa would suffer a painful defeat and would therefore be wiped out in the battle for preservation, but in minutes 87 and 96 Genoa erased Paulo Dybala’s opening goal: 2-1. The battle for preservation is going to be very exciting for Genoa and the other tail teams. Red lantern Venezia is out with 22 points, Cagliari and Genoa have 28 points and are currently also directly relegated. Salernitana has one point more.

Juventus remain fourth in the standings on one point from Napoli, who still have one more game to play. Disappointing season for the Old Lady.

Lecce and Cremonese secured promotion to Serie A on Friday’s 38th and final day of matches. Lecce are champions after a 1-0 win against Pordenone, Cremonese finishes second after a 1-2 win at Como.

Monza misses the chance of direct promotion. The club of strong man Silvio Berlusconi had enough of a victory, but lost 1-0 at Perugia. Monza will soon be heading to the jump-offs, in which six teams will compete for the third and final promotion certificate. In addition to Monza, Pisa, Brescia, Ascoli, Benevento and Perugia also play those play-offs.

For Lecce it is a return to the highest level after two seasons in the second division. Cremonese last played in Serie A in the 1995-1996 season.

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