Alfredo Adame already went to the psychiatrist and this is what he told him about his behavior

Mexico.- Alfredo Adame He returned to Mexico after his triumph in the reality show TV Azteca I’m Famous Get me out of here! which was recorded in Dominican Republic and confirmed what he said after being crowned ‘The King of the Jungle’, that he will leave violence behind and avoid fights.

Upon arrival in Mexico City, the actor and driver was approached by reporters from various media outlets, and assured that the first thing he will do is reconcile with his children.

Alfredo Adame assured that he will no longer engage or fight with anyone. Photo: Instagram

Of course I’m going to settle the matter with my three children and move on with my life. I did not change, I just returned to my essence, I am not going to get hooked anymore, I am not going to fight with anyone anymore, I am not going to do all those rolls anymore, ”he expressed.

During the development of the reality show, he was emotional and even shed one tear or another. “I am not much of a cryer, but this did make me cry because they reminded me of my children in the interviews, that if I wanted to reconcile with them. The time has come to agree to surrender with them,” said Adame.

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However, when asked if he will use the million pesos he won when crowned in the reality show to pay his debts, including the defamation lawsuit that Diana Golden won against him, he again generated controversy.

“I am not going to donate anything to Diana, I am going to donate a plane ticket for her to go to Colombia. For four years now, all the money I earn I donate to causes,” she explained.

He added that what he was paid to participate in the reality show, in addition to the million pesos he earned, will be donated to a foundation that helps low-income girls suffering from cancer to make them wigs, he even revealed that in the next few days they will inaugurate an aesthetic with this finish.

Adame was crowned ‘The King of the Jungle’ on TV Azteca’s reality show. Photo: Instagram

Adame already received psychiatric care

The famous 64-year-old said that three years ago he went to a psychiatrist and revealed what the specialist told him about his behavior.

“I went to a psychiatrist three years ago and she told me ‘you have nothing, your only problem is success.’ of my fame,” he assured for the “Ventaneando” cameras.

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