All over Ukraine, the day after the attacks, power supplies were restored, reports Kyiv
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As a matter of priority, power supplies were restored to critical infrastructure objects, he specified. The first reactor of the Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant was connected to the distribution network, where after Wednesday’s attacks, as in other nuclear facilities in the country, all units were disconnected, said the head of the administration of the Khmelnytskyi region, Serhiy Hamalij.

“Energy workers, municipal service workers and rescue workers are working on restoration 24 hours a day,” said Tymoshenko from the presidential office. He added that 4,000 specially equipped places were created all over Ukraine where people can charge their phones, warm up and have a hot drink.

Russia carried out another large-scale air strike on Ukraine on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people, according to Ukrainian authorities. Authorities announced the same day that the capital was without water and the adjacent Kyiv region was without power. Large-scale power outages also affected many other places in Ukraine.

Doctors in Kyiv saved a child’s life with heart surgery. Without electricity and Russian missiles notwithstanding

The war in Ukraine

According to the morning announcement of the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, 70 percent of Kyiv was without power and trams were not running in the metropolis. In the afternoon, Klitschko reported that water supplies had been restored throughout the city. He pointed out that in some apartments, especially on higher floors, problems may persist due to low water pressure.

According to Minister of Energy Haluščenko, this morning, the country’s energy system was stabilized and the supply of critically important objects was restored. “We expect the nuclear power plants to start operating by the evening, so the (electricity) deficit will decrease,” the minister said, according to the Unian agency.

It’s around zero outside

As of this morning, a large part of Kyiv residents were without electricity, heating and water, former economy minister Tymofij Mylovanov said. “The temperature outside is around zero. The apartment is still warm from the previous days. We’ll see how long it lasts,” he described.

“However, there is a problem with water. The problem is the toilets. We have about 100 liters of water in stock. There is also snow on our balcony,” added the former minister. He pointed out that there is a decent supply of water, but that the apartment gets cold every time he opens the door to the balcony. According to him, mobile signal and banks are working and stores are sufficiently stocked with food. However, cash is often required for payment, as the bank card terminals do not work.

Russia wants to break the morale of Ukrainian civilians with attacks on infrastructure


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