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All topless in the pool? That’s what Baederland says about the SPD proposal

If the SPD has its way, people - regardless of gender - can go to the swimming pool without a top.  (icon picture)

The SPD Eimsbüttel wants to regulate by motion that in swimming pools everyone, regardless of gender, can be topless. Baederland reacts calmly.

Hamburg – The Hamburger Bäderland has reacted calmly to the request of the SPD Eimsbüttel to swim “topless” in swimming pools.

If the SPD has its way, people – regardless of gender – can go to the swimming pool without a top. (Iconic image) © vbaleha/123RF

He welcomes the associated public discussion, said Baederland spokesman Michael Dietel on Tuesday in Hamburg. “A change is taking place. Now we have to decide together where to go.”

However, this requires a broad social discourse, which cannot simply be decided after a political application. “It has to get through to the people’s minds. Interest-driven clientele politics won’t help anyone.”

It is already possible for everyone to enjoy the sun in the open-air pools with a shirtless upper body. “Everyone can do what they like – as long as nobody is bothered by it,” Dietel summarized the situation. If it bothers someone, a compromise must be found.

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However, he has not yet heard any complaints from the outdoor pools that have escalated because of too much nudity. “It’s perfectly fine for women to lie topless on the lawn. That’s the case at every location.”

In the swimming pools of the Baederland Society, the house rules regulate swimwear. (Archive image) © Markus Scholz/dpa

In addition, the house rules apply in the bathrooms. This states that everything that is contrary to good morals and the maintenance of peace and order is to be avoided. This includes, for example, music that is too loud or smoking without sufficient distance.

After all, “the usual swimwear” should be worn when bathing. “What is customary, please let the social politicians and society develop in a joint discourse. And then that applies – to us as well as to the rest of the public space. We don’t make the rules, we just implement them.”

If you still want to be more naked on the go, you can do so at many other places in Hamburg at any time. There is a bath operated by a nudist association. In the Stadtparkbad there is also a shielded nudist corner and in the outdoor areas of the sauna swimming and sunbathing without a cover is allowed anyway.

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The SPD Eimsbüttel had declared on Sunday that they wanted to campaign for “topless” bathing for everyone in the district’s swimming pools. She wants to advocate more contemporary and clearer rules because the dress code is not clearly regulated everywhere.

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