Alleged abuser of a young man in TransMilenio was beaten more than 50 times and forced to ingest urine
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After the police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office Colombia five uniformed officers were captured for the alleged complicity in the murder of Juan Pablo González within the URI of Puente Aranda, this Monday the men were presented before a guarantee control judge.

In the development of the formulation of charges, the prosecutor in charge of the case indicated that González Gómez was beaten for more than 27 minutes and that His perpetrators caused him more than 50 injuries throughout his body: ecchymosis, scrapes and fractures were the balance that remained from the brutal beating.

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According to the prosecutor, the man was not only beaten but also he was tortured and forced to drink the urine of the other inmates. Everything, before the eyes of the five policemen prosecuted today.

The facts of the investigation

According to the information that was initially provided by the Secretary of Security, after the hearing to impute charges and measure of insurance against gonzalezthe man, around 2:12 in the afternoon, was admitted to the URI.

There, as several testimonies say, Gonzáles would have begun to act erratically and generate conflicts with the other prisoners, for which it was necessary to change the cell to one with a lower occupation.

However, a source informed of the case said that At a certain moment between cell changes, the man was taken to “perform asepsis work, like bathing and cutting your hair, in one of the bathrooms of the detention center”. Apparently, at that moment he would have been approached by other inmates, who they gave him a severe beating that later led to his death.

The disciplinary investigation against the five uniformed officers focuses on two key questions: would the custodians have participated in the events or perhaps they just did not intervene? These are two questions that the authorities are still trying to resolve.

Even, a relative of one of the detainees in that URI told this newspaper before knowing the legal medicine opinion that his relative would have told him that “In here we kill each other, we kill him” referring to the González case.

And although it is not yet a fact proven by the investigators of any of the entities involved in the case, the truth is that this is the hypothesis that could most strongly frame the events that occurred on the afternoon of November 6th.

Although there is still a gray area in the history of the case, such as the place where the man died, since the official report says that he lost consciousness inside cell four on the second floor and other versions assure that González would not have left the bathroom alivethere are several elements that are true, such as the fact that the homicide victim would have caused the riot in the detention center, that he drank a lot of water before dying, that he was very upset and that both paramedics and doctors treated him timely but that the man died instantly.

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