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On the occasion of being held every May 12 the International Nurses Day, the president of the Dominican College of Nursing Professionals, Antonia Rodriguez, demanded better working, social and economic conditions, In order to improve the quality of life of the nurses Dominican.

when conversing with Free JournalRodríguez admitted that despite the deficit of nurses that there is in the Dominican Republic, professionals in the health sector are emigrating to “Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States, countries where nurses and they pay them a salary much higher than what they earn in our country”.

He said that so far this year, about 200 nurses have been reestablished in other latitudes.

“We have records and every day more are leaving because to leave they have to seek a certification of being a collegiate,” said the graduate.

“They are being paid better, they are being better valued. This calls us to concern because if the country has a deficit of ten thousand professionals, we have to present motivational policies so that professionals are trained, but so that those who are trained stay in the country”, he explained.

Rodríguez called on President Luis Abinader to sit down and talk with the union, since “nurses are one of the pillars of the health system”.

“To the authorities who listen to the voice of the nurses because in this way we are going to cause change in the health system, otherwise, we will continue to be immersed in the weaknesses that are growing every day”, he warned.

Among these weaknesses, the president of the union listed investment in training for nursesthat changes in skills be brought about, promotions for assistants, pension, medical insurance and that wages be leveled.

Regarding the salary, Rodríguez affirmed that it depends on the levels. “There are nursing professionals who earn 43,000 pesos, others only earn 23, and others who are hired for 17,000 pesos, without medical insurance, without the right to vacations, and without occupational risk,” he stressed.

When asking about the 30% salary increase which was made at the end of 2021, replied that “this increase has been long ago that inflation took away”.

He also called for “a strong, sustainable health system, where there are not so many obstacles to access a health center.” “As the Constitution says, that you have health insurance, no matter what level you have,” he said.

They promote 1,600 nurses

Yolanda Saturria (third from left to right) with other nurses. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The National Director of Nursing, Yolanda Saturria, highlighted the work carried out by the nursing staff with a significant contribution to maintaining health levels in the population and said that 1,600 professionals, who were appointed in this administration, will be promoted to permanent positions. .

“Nursing staff is the backbone of health care, an action for which we must be aware of the great suffering caused by the imbalance of health in people,” she said.

He also said: “We have given everything for everything and we verified it with the COVID-19 health crisis, without giving up, that is why the country is internationally recognized for handling the virus, and the nurses They played their part.”

The Eucharist offered at the Primada Cathedral for the International Nurses Day it was officiated by Monsignor Raúl Berzosa.

The celebration of every May 12 is made in honor of the birth of Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing.

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