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Almost a year after Ana’s birth, Pampita revealed how her life changed: “It revolutionized our house”

Carolina Ardohain spoke about how the arrival of her daughter Ana changed her life

Carolina Pampita Ardohain is in a great moment thanks to the premiere of the second part of Being Pampita (Paramount+), su reality show where in the first season she showed her marriage to Roberto Garcia Moritan and the arrival of his daughter Ana. In this new edition, she will focus on her role as a mother.

“People love it when I upload things from my life on the networks because they feel closer, because they love you. I thought that with all this content that is always so grateful, something has to be done, that’s when I got together with the people of Paramount + to develop the program. I love to laugh at myself”, expressed the model in dialogue with Pass Montagna (Radio Rivadavia).

Pampita revealed how her attitude as a mother changed after the birth of Ana

Along the same lines, she added: “In the first season I did not know that I was going to get pregnant, much less that the pandemic was going to come. Many things were filmed with our own cell phones. Everything was very intimate. In this new season we were able to be with our loved ones, we were able to travel and do fun activities. Ana changed us all. She revolutionized our house.”

Happy for the arrival of the little girl who will be one year old in July, she remarked: “We are with our eyes wide open, you do not want to miss anything. You live very differently because you have a lot of peace. I enjoy bathing her, even when she wakes up. These are moments that are going to go away later and I want to have them in my retina.”

Carolina Ardohain spoke about how the arrival of her daughter Ana changed her lifeTomas Cuesta – THE NATION

Asked about what will be seen in this new season, Pampita revealed: “The cameras have been accompanying me for 10 months, so you will be able to see very special and exclusive content. There are activities, we had a lot of fun with this new year”, revealed Pampita.

On The hotel of the famous (eltrece), the host detailed: “It is a very good format, I hope there will be a new season. The people accompanied. We did well from the beginning, the format was new”. About the criticism received by the program where many point to his little presence in front of the cameras, he clarified: In one hour you have to know how to select what is happening throughout the day. That’s why I don’t appear much, we don’t want to steal the spotlight from them”.

At one point in the interview with the model, she was asked about the current situation in the country and, without avoiding answering, she reflected: “We Argentines never lose hope, we have been through so many crises and we always get ahead. Everything can change, everything can be better. Work is our engine. All dreams have a lot of work behind them. Things happen when they have to. That is why I value my present work. You have to be grateful when you can work well in a team and above all with someone like Roberto, who is always well-disposed for everything”.

Pampita with Anita, fruit of her relationship with Roberto García Moritán
Pampita with Anita, fruit of her relationship with Roberto García Moritán

Pampita had anticipated THE NATION some details of this new season of her reality show: “It was very nice to be able to show how with Rober we looked for her so eagerly, with some difficulties too, but with a lot of love. Now we are going to show how this long-awaited baby girl came to light up our house, how her arrival influenced each of us”.

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