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Alvaro Garcia Linera: "We no longer look with religious submission at what comes from the United States"

Alvaro Garcia Linera: "We no longer look with religious submission at what comes from the United States"

The former vice president of Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera, assured that it is important that Latin American countries begin to act as a region “to prevent this fight between regional and world empires from tearing our continental body”. In the program “Here, there and everywhere” on radio AM750, hosted by Nora Veiras, director of Page 12the intellectual and politician spoke about the elections in Colombia, where he assured that the candidacy of Rodolfo Hernández represents “the old but with new clothes” while Gustavo Petro represents “the will for youthful and popular change.” He in turn spoke about Jeanine Áñez’s prison sentence and the two pending trials related to the 2019 coup case.

Colombia towards a new political scenario

For García Linera, he analyzed the Colombian political scenario a few days before the second round of elections. “Uribe’s party and the reactionary forces that turned Colombia into a North American aircraft carrier anchored in South America have lost”, assured. However, García Linera reports the ambiguity in the proposal for change after the defeat of Uribismo.

“On the one hand, there is Petro, who expresses the noblest and purest of that desire for youthful and popular change, but there is also another type of change that is really the old, but with new clothing, is the case of Mr. Hernández who not only valued the example of Hitler, but he is a person who thinks that women should be in the houses cooking and that the laws are useless and are as useful as toilet paper, “he said.

Sentence to Jeanine Áñez

García Linera also spoke about Jeanine Áñez’s 10-year prison sentence in the coup d’état II case for de facto assuming the presidency after the forced departure of then-president Evo Morales Aymá. “That sentence has a dimension of great historical justice because a person has been sentenced who trampled on the constitutional structure of our country and came to government through non-electoral and democratic means, the idea of ​​a coup is that, it can be civil or military” , he pointed out.

García Linera recalled that two trials are still pending in relation to the 2019 coup. The second is Áñez and military and police commanders “For the death of 37 Bolivians killed by military and police bullets, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights speaks of a massacre, extrajudicial executions.” According to the former vice president, it is expected that in the coming months the trial will advance, which he specified has a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

While the third trial is focused on military commanders and has to do with the receipt of weapons in November 2019, where the commanders involved in the decision to allow armed Argentine troops to enter Bolivia are being prosecuted. In addition, he recalled that part of the weapons sent by the government of then President Mauricio Macri remained in the Bolivian air force, another part in the police. “It is probable that this ammunition was used in the massacre and in the repression of peasants and indigenous inhabitants of the Alto”assured the former vice president, who also revealed that the sentence in these cases can be 20 to 30 years in prison.

New right and war

On the other hand, when asked about the rise of ultraliberal figures like Javier Milei in Argentina, García Linera observed that it is the result of the collapse of the old political system. “This new right is a form of neoliberalism 2.0, overheated, enraged. That no longer seeks to seduce, but to impose. That no longer seeks to conquer or convince, but to command and subdue. It is an authoritarian right that seeks revenge, to impose itself through force”analyzed the former vice president

On the war between Russia and Ukraine, García Linera raised the need to “act thematically and punctually as a region: to defend ourselves, to protect ourselves, otherwise we will be torn apart in the midst of the fight between empires that are disputing territories, raw materials, areas of influence. On the other hand, if we act thematically, punctually in certain things, as a region of 650 million inhabitants that defends a continental and regional perspective on certain issues and protects itself against these adversities, we can at least defend our populations, “he said.

Summit of the Americas

Regarding the Summit of the Americas, the Bolivian intellectual considered that the agreement for 230 million dollars to limit Central American migration is a sign that the North Americans despise us. “They go to Ukraine to put 40 billion dollars so that it continues to bomb and take weapons to it, and they assign 230 million dollars to Latin America”assured.

On the other hand, he considered that the region also lost respect for North America and proof was that six Latin American leaders did not attend and of those who were 20 claimed for the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, as in the case of Argentina, which according to García Linera expressed “the feeling of the entire continent.” “That was not seen before (…) we no longer look with religious submission at what comes from the United States,” highlighted the former vice president of Bolivia.

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