Always Ready - Boca, live: Xeneize plays its future in the Libertadores at the height of La Paz

Boca, which is going through a compromised situation in Group E of the Copa Libertadores, visits Always Ready, from Bolivia, this Wednesday, in a match valid for the fourth date to be played in La Paz, a city that adds an extra complication because it is located at 3,625 meters above sea level. The match will be played from 9:00 p.m. at the Hernando Siles stadium, in La Paz, and will be refereed by the Peruvian Kevin Ortega and televised by the Fox Sports signal.

Boca deservedly wins in La Paz, due to the volume of situations and the quality of the game. It is 1 to 0, thanks to a penalty that was not (Salvio collides with goalkeeper Giménez). In general, it is a very good first half for Xeneize, who came out to be the protagonist since the ball began to roll. The state of the playing field is very bad, and referee Ortega too.

A blow from Cristaldo from 25 meters is deflected with Rossi’s nails to the corner. Boca is saved on time.

Boca’s goalkeeper, Agustín Rossi, lies down on the grass and begins to stretch. Referee Ortega calls his attention and adds six! minutes.

With a strong shot, Salvio converts the penalty and puts Boca ahead, which until now has done the merits to win.

Great pass from Romero almost from midfield to Salvio, who controls it in the area and collides with goalkeeper Giménez. Peruvian referee Kevin Ortega points out that it is a penalty. It didn’t seem like a violation.

Between Vázquez and Salvio they made a risk play in favor of Boca. El Toto, on the left, could have sent the center to the scorer, but he preferred to kick and the ball went over the crossbar.

A center punctured by Cristaldo from the left is intercepted by Rossi, who stretches to his full height to keep the ball.

Boca exposes the weaknesses of his rival. Salvio, from the left, has a lot of space and arrives easily. Battaglia’s team is well positioned, but he does not achieve depth in the plays that he generates in attack.

The development of the match is very interrupted. This is good news for Boca, which must regulate its energies to avoid demands and that height does not affect its players.

Vázquez rocked to his left and took a strong left-footed shot from outside the area that was easily controlled by goalkeeper Giménez.

The state of the playing field is pitiful. The ball bites badly and was very watered during the last 24 hours.

The match started.

Both Always Ready and Boca are already at Hernando Siles. The match is coming.

Conmebol confirmed the formations of Always Ready and Boca

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