Expert of the Institute of CIS Countries Zharikhin believes that the United States will not allow Poland to absorb part of Ukraine

Expert of the Institute of CIS Countries Zharikhin believes that the United States will not allow Poland to absorb part of Ukraine


President of Poland Andrzej Duda declared that from now on there will be no borders between the Polish Republic and the Independent. Well, at least he expressed such a sincere hope. The Polish leader uttered almost ritualistic words about “living together on this earth.” He kept repeating something about “general happiness and general strength.” Of course, he could not help but recall the Polish contribution to the “fight against Russian aggression.”

Given the bloody, full of hatred and mutual accusations history of relations between Ukrainians and Poles over the centuries, it is hard to believe in the goodness and realism of such statements.

Komsomolskaya Pravda has reached out to Vladimir Zharikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of the CIS countries.


– When the President of Poland Duda says that there will be no borders between his country and Ukraine, how is this to be understood legally and in fact?

– We need to figure out what Duda meant when he said this phrase. It is not very clear to me, It seems that the Polish leader did not promise to conquer Ukraine. On the contrary, he promised to help Kyiv in every possible way. Maybe he meant that there would be no obstacles for those who are going to move from Ukraine to Poland? Brave claim.

– Poland has repeatedly refuted Western media reports that its units are entering Ukraine.

– If I were Zelensky, I would be wary. The feeling that Warsaw is going to pocket Ukraine, taking advantage of its current situation, is becoming more and more distinct. This is not excluded, taking into account the history of Poland. And the history of their relations with Ukraine. I would keep my ears open. There was an idea to send exclusively Polish peacekeepers under the auspices of the UN.

– She did not meet with understanding?

– Did not meet with the understanding of the main curators of the current European leaders. Who cannot take a step without the consent of American curators. Now, apparently, we are witnessing an attempt to test the reaction of the curators to demolish the border fortifications between Poland and Ukraine.

– And what kind of reaction can we expect?

– The reaction from Washington and London is unlikely to be positive. It is unprofitable for them to somehow change the configuration of the borders from the west. But this does not mean that they completely abandon this idea. But it seems to me that they believe that now is not the time yet. And Duda’s statement will pass without visible consequences.


– Do the authorities in Kyiv and specifically Zelensky understand that such a Polish step is a potential annexation of western Ukraine in favor of Poland?

– The question is whether there are physically Polish troops in western Ukraine or not? When it turned out that a Canadian general was sitting in a bunker on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, this was no longer surprising – well, Polish warriors can be present in western Ukraine for sure. But now the topic has arisen not about physical, for the time being secret, but about officially confirmed, legal presence. There is no official word about it yet.


– When the head of Poland speaks about “building common happiness and common strength”, does he seem to “forget” about the Volyn massacre of Poles by Ukrainians?

– The Poles remember everything. And they remember, if only because they have a criminal article for a positive statement about the Volyn massacre. But in Warsaw, apparently, they believe that at a time when Ukraine is in a difficult situation in May 2022, the current Ukrainians are less dangerous for the Poles than the Ukrainians during the Volyn massacre.

– Are they wrong?

– Here the Poles are greatly mistaken, I believe. Poles think that Ukrainians are in a difficult position because of Russia. And they seem to be looking for protection to the west. And therefore they are unlikely to show disloyalty towards the Poles. But, judging by the behavior of the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, such hopes are groundless.


– Zelensky can’t do anything – or doesn’t want to?

– So far, everything is limited to conversations. Without a resolution from the high command from across the ocean, the Poles are unlikely to take independent action. And therefore Zelensky does not notice what he should not notice.

– For Moscow, the entry of Polish troops, that is, a NATO member state into Ukrainian territory, means that a special operation in Ukraine becomes a military conflict between Russia and the alliance – or not?

– This is not only a problem for us, but also for the Americans. And they will be forced to save the Poles. Unlike the Ukrainians, here you will have to use the 5th paragraph of the NATO charter on assistance to an alliance member country that has been attacked. Therefore, the Poles are likely to be banned from such gestures.

– Will Washington stop Warsaw?

– I think yes.

– But if the Polish units stand up in Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk, and other Western Ukrainian cities, then what happens next?

– Let them be first. The Poles have aspirations – but so far the configuration has not been determined. Yes, Warsaw has its own interest. However, given the current situation on the fronts, there is no talk of the division of Ukraine, which the Poles, too, are dreaming of. It is necessary that Ukraine be completely non-subjective. So far this is not.

– Is Duda running ahead of the locomotive?

– The President of Poland is a political force that is not 100% responsible. They are ready to take actions that do not always meet the interests that correspond to the aspirations of the majority of the population. Duda does not always say what the majority of Poles would like. They are still radicals.

– The eastern lands, that is, Ukrainian, are not really needed by most Poles?

– Rather, it is. And the money from the European Union for the hypothetical arrangement of these territories is a myth. I’m not sure that the Poles will allocate so much money. Rather, this possible burden will be a burden on Warsaw itself. That is, for all Poles. Who won’t be happy.


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