AMIA and DAIA asked for explanations about the mysterious Venezuelan plane linked to Iran

The Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) and the Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA) demanded this Sunday the “total clarification” of the situation generated by the Venezuelan plane, linked to Iran, seized in the countryin an episode that they described as “worrying”.

“The retention in our country of a plane operated by the Venezuelan company Emtrasurand linked to the Iranian company Mahanair, sanctioned by the United States for its links to terrorist activities, constitutes a fact that must be urgently clarified by the national authorities”said the entities in a joint message.

The Boeing 747 that it transported auto parts and carried 14 Venezuelan and five Iranian crew members He has been held since Monday at the Ezeiza international airport after raising suspicions about the reasons for his flight to Argentina.

The Iranian commander of the Venezuelan Ezeiza plane could become “required” from the US.

There are no detainees and all the crew members were housed in hotels with provisional stay permits. Nevertheless, immigration officials withheld the Iranians’ passports.

Given this, AMIA and DAIA, central organizations of the Argentine Jewish community, demanded “exhaustive and detailed information on the crew list who were traveling on the aforementioned aircraft and the reasons for their passage through the country”.

“According to what was established by the Argentine justice system, the attacks of March 17, 1992 against the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and of July 18, 1994 against the AMIAwhich still remain unpunished, were planned and executed by Hezbollah, a terrorist group financed and supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran,” they recalled..

The mysterious plane of Venezuelans and Iranians that was flying “in secret” and was held in Ezeiza

The entities added: “It should be remembered that some of the Iranian defendants, who are currently officials of the government of that country, and who have international arrest warrants, have recently circulated through countries that receive and protect them, circumventing the demand of the local justice and Interpol”.

“In this worrying scenario, which we have repeatedly denounced, it is pertinent to demand that the control agencies in charge provide, with speed and precision, the required information and the results of the investigation that is being carried out, before a fact that aroused suspicion and confusion“.

The plane belongs to the Venezuelan company Emtrasur and what was it bought in February from the Iranian Mahan Airinvestigated in the United States for alleged links with Tehran’s military forces. The aircraft had landed on Monday the 6th in the City of C√≥rdoba, as a precaution due to the fog in Buenos Aires, and then flew to Ezeiza.


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