AMLO morning live today Monday: Congratulates Petro, after triumph in Colombia

AMLO’s morning today Monday June 20, the President of Mexico addresses various issues that affect the country.

At the beginning of the morning conference from the Government Palace, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took the opportunity to send a greeting and congratulations to Juan José Toscano Anderson, as he was ‘the first Mexican basketball player to win the NBA championship in San Francisco’.

As a next step, Lopez Obrador I don’t let the rhythm of cumbia go by, being happy for the triumph of Gustavo Petroafter the electoral process in Colombia, where he also took the opportunity to congratulate him.

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I am happy because we are beginning a new stage in the resurgence of democratic movements with a social dimension in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said López Obrador after Gustavo Petro’s victory in the Colombian presidential elections.

Among other topics that he addressed at the beginning of the morning, the president of Mexico was accompanied, as is already a Monday tradition, by having Richard Sheffieldwho again spoke about fuel prices.

There, again, the head of Profeco returned to touch on how gasoline prices continue in different parts of the country, where he highlighted that the price of LP gas: 24.54 pesos per kilo for cylinder and 13.23 per liter for stationary tank.

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