AMLO's security strategy has failed, Jesuits accuse after murders

Leon, Guanajuato.- The security strategy of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorreduced to the militarized National Guard, has failed and now the State does not have territorial control and the population is subject to criminal groups, accused rectors and directors of the Jesuit University System yesterday.

The federal government today has to make a responsible self-criticism, because its strategy, if it has one, is not serving in any way and on the contrary, it has been allowing drug traffickers to advance more and more.

“We are alone, abandoned to our fate, subject to the law of the strongest, subject to the law of the jungle. We Mexicans and the peoples are subject to the law of kidnapping, extortion, murder, and we are so because the State, because the local governments, because the supranational governments and the federal governments, especially the last three, are not interested in protect Mexicans,” he said. John Louis HernandezRector of the Ibero-American University of Torreón, Coahuila.

Nine rectors of the Jesuit University System met in León for a Eucharistic ceremony in memory of the priests Javier Campos Y Joaquin Mora, killed, along with the tour guide Pedro Heliodoro Palmain the parish of Cerocahui.

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During the mass, the father Ismael Barcenas Orozco SJeducational general director of the Ibero Torreón, lamented that the delinquents take advantage of the fact of knowing that they go unpunished.

El Chueco, the person who killed these two brothers and making a brief outline… we can say that El Chueco, along with all the drug traffickers in this country know something and are aware of something: that they can commit this violence because they can and because they go unpunished. And no one is going to stop them.”

The priest added:

The ‘Chueco’ knew that and our authorities and in this all the parties have paraded, both being opposition and later being elected rulers, all the parties do not know, do not understand, do not want, do not have the will and cannot face organized crime ” .

Luis Alfonso Gonzalez Valencia SJrector of the Ibero León, who officiated the mass in the Aula Magna of this institution, asked the attendees to observe a minute of silence and thanked the lives of both priests, who he said he had met at the Tampico Cultural Institute.

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