This is how he made the publicity for the raffle.

A young lady from Eight years wants to fulfill his dream and meet Tini Stoessel. The girl’s name is Valentina and with the permission of her family she decided to make a raffle to reach her goal.

Godoy Cruz’s baby’s godmother shared this initiative on Facebook. With a poster made by hand by Valentina, she promotes a raffle with three prizes, where each number comes out $100.

On the cardboard he wrote: “Hi, I’m Valen and I’m doing a raffle to meet Tini.”. To achieve the purchase of the ticket it is necessary that you sell 100 numbers, until Monday you had to sell only 56.

This is how he made the publicity for the raffle. (Cintia Galean /)

His parents try to give him everything they can, but at the moment the economic situation is not the best to make an expense like the one for the show.

My mom and dad are looking for rent and they can’t afford such a big expense because they have to save the money. Then it occurred to me to do a raffle to collect the money and go see Tini”, says Valen.

Tini Stoessel

Tini Stoessel

The singer will be in Mendoza on June 15 and 16, the first performance is already sold out. For the second function there are inputs ranging from the $4,000 to $10,000plus the cost of managing the platform.

As Valentina is a girl, she must be accompanied by an adult, so the number raffle would be enough to pay for two of the cheapest tickets.

Valentine with her family.

Valentine with her family. (Cintia Galean/)

The young woman has been a fan of Tini for 3 years, more or less when she was in the Violetta series for which Martina Stoessel became popular.

The entrepreneur’s favorite songs are “Bar” and “Hey”. As the prizes are edible products, she and her mother will be in charge of doing it. For those who want to buy a number can win:

  • A sweet milk cake
  • a lemon pudding
  • A bucket of popcorn

Due to the economic situation they are going through, they had to move to a relative’s house. Cintia Galean, Valen’s mother, clarifies that in recent months it has become very complex for them and that they are always trying to see how to generate income.

Tini’s fan and athlete from Mendoza

Valentine is roller hockey player from Club Antonio Tomba, from a very young age she skated and when she was older she decided to do that activity.

Playing roller hockey.

Playing roller hockey. (Cintia Galean/)

She is a very sweet, educated and self-assured girl. In conversation with Via Mendoza He said that he really likes singing, dancing, going to the square and the TikTok challenges.

I did not want it to be made so public, because there are many people who comment without knowing one’s situation”, adds the mother. But the godmother of her daughter convinced her and they spread it on social networks.

To collaborate with Valen’s dream, you can contact via Facebook at Cynthia Galean either Agustina Ripalda. Payment methods can be by Mercado Pago or cash.

The biggest fear as a mother is the bad comments that some people can make. “We have all been children, we have been full of hopes, dreams and things to accomplish. And sometimes the popes, no matter how much they want to, can’t do it,” he adds.

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