The 8 steps 20220615

In a very entertaining afternoon full of adrenaline, Isabel starred in very emotional moments in The 8 Steps This Tuesday, June 14. With his sensitivity he infected the public, the jury and the rest of the participants. Her son-in-law had entered her in the contest because in February she suffered a robbery “at gunpoint,” she confessed.

Guido Kaczka introduced Isabel with the following words: “Isabel was a bilingual secretary for a car company for 30 years. Her hobby is writing poetry and dancing tango. She speaks German… And with the million what would you do?“.

I suffered a robbery in my house at gunpoint in the month of February and I want to recover the money”, explained Isabel.

Upon reaching step 3 (Multiplication and division) the journalist Walter Nelson congratulated Isabel for her performance: so far all her answers had been correct. “Isabel, do you know that you haven’t made any mistakes yet?”Nelson told him.

Hearing applause throughout the study, the retired participant she was so moved that she couldn’t hold back her tears.

“Are you excited, Isabel. Do you want a glass of water?” asked the driver.

“With all the love you give me, I don’t need more,” Isabel thanked. “I am Isabel, 81 years old, who loves to live life”he continued.

Paula, who would later win the million, admitted that he was moved to hear his partner: “I am moved by Isabel because we were outside talking: she is a person we have known for a short time and she transmits an energy, so I am moved when she gets excited too,” commented the finalist and winner.

Isabel in The 8 Steps
The 8 steps 20220615
Isabel in The 8 Steps

The winner sang “Killing Me Softly With His Song”

Before becoming champion of The 8 Steps, Paula sang a cappella “Killing Me Softly…” and captivated the contestants and the jury with its sweetness.

Paula is 31 years old. She is a supervisor and quality analyst in a collections study. he likes to sing a lot and took advantage of the occasion to exhibit his talent on the Thirteen screen.

But he did not lose sight of his main objective: win the million to help his brotherwho “had a car accident a month and a half ago. He needs a couple of operations.

The competition was defined with the question of Luli Fernandezwho consulted the age of Shakira.

Although no finalist was correct, Paula’s answer was closer to the correct value, so won the millionaire prize and was very grateful. At the end of the program, he confirmed his participation in the next edition of the program hosted by Guido Kaczka: it will go for $2 million.

The 8 steps 20220615
Paula and Iván, finalists of The 8 Steps
The 8 steps 20220615
Paula, winner of The 8 Steps


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