An action was held in the Orenburg region "Victory Waltz"

The traditional regional event “Waltz of Victory” was held today in the Orenburg region. This event attracts more than 50,000 participants from all over the region every year.

The action was first held in 2015 and since then has become truly nationwide.

In the regional center, a grandiose dance festival was held in the park. Lenin, which the townspeople call the Park of Railwaymen. To the sounds of a brass band, students of universities, colleges, as well as pupils of the Orenburg Cadet Boarding School named after V.I. Neplyuev.

– The Great Patriotic War left an imprint on every family, and mine is no exception, – shared a participant in the action – a student of the Orenburg State University Dmitry Ermolaev. – My great-grandfather fought, the fame of his exploits is passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, I did not meet him personally, nevertheless, every year I try to pay tribute to his memory.

Together with everyone, the Victory waltz was also danced by the vice-governor, the head of the Ministry of Health of the region, Tatyana Savinova.

– This waltz contains our common memory, common pride, the history of our country and every family, it contains a piece of our soul. I want all the guys to remember this moment and be worthy of the memory of our ancestors. We are all very different, but we have common aspirations and dreams. I want us all to believe that when we are together, we are invincible, – said Tatyana Savinova.

By tradition, all participants of the action honored the memory of the dead with a minute of silence.

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