Clash in Palermo

The city of Buenos Aires woke up in the early hours of Saturday with a tragic crash at the height of the Palermo neighborhood. A drunk driver collided with another car in Malabia and Avenida Córdoba that caused three injuries, but one of ambulance who moved to the place to attend to them, ran a red light and killed a motorcyclist.

The tragic accident occurred at Niceto Vega and Godoy Cruz. The head of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti declared in communication with TN that the deceased hit the side of the driver of the ambulance mobile. The medical vehicle was ahead at the intersection of the corners when the incident occurred.

The head of the emergency service also clarified that the mobile circulated with the sineras and the beacons lit. The young motorcyclist was transferred with serious injuries to the Fernández Hospital where he died.

How the original accident happened

While the initial accident was a drunk driverd who was driving a VolksWagen Gol on Avenida Córdoba and after crossing on red hit a VolksWagen Suran that circulated over Malabia and in which three people traveled.

Shock in Palermo (Twitter/)

Two of the wounded were transferred to the Fernández Hospital; while the driver of the car had to wait several hours after the fatal accident suffered by the ambulance that was going to meet him. Three and a half hours later he was treated by SAME personnel with the presence of the City police once a new ambulance arrived at the scene.

“At the crash where they were going there were three wounded, one of them did not want to move, so they had to send another ambulance because at first, when the team arrived, the man did not want to move, ”Crescenti clarified in A24. And he also detailed that The deceased motorcyclist was 31 years old.. “We deeply regret this fact because we do not want these circumstances. It’s a bad day for us,” she stated.

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