The cars that collided in Córdoba and Malabia.  A VW Gol would have crossed the avenue in red...

A chain of unfortunate accidents left this morning a dead motorcyclist in Palermo, when an ambulance that was going to attend to people injured in a crash in Palermo crossed a street in red because of the haste to arrive and was hit by a motorcyclist, who lost his life as a result of that impact.

The initial tragic event originated from the crash of a vehicle whose driver, allegedly drunk, hit the another car in Córdoba and Malabia. According to witnesses, a VW Gol would have crossed that important avenue on red and thus collided with another car, in this case VW Suran. The consequence of this event was three people injured, the driver of the Gol and another two from the Suran, none of whom were seriously injured.

However, that episode would lead to another accident, when the ambulance called to attend to the injured rushed to the scene and thus, with its sirens and lights, ran through a red light but she was hit in that trance by a motorcycle at the corner of Niceto Vega and Godoy Cruz, an accident that caused very serious injuries to its driver, who died shortly after at the Fernández Hospital.

Speaking to the media, the head of the SAME, Dr. Albert Crescenti, He pointed out that the motorcyclist had hit the driver’s side of the ambulance, implying that the medical vehicle was ahead at the intersection of corners when the accident occurred.

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According to the head of the emergency service, the mobile was circulating with the sirens and beacons onat the time of the tragic accident.

Those injured in the initial accident ended up in hospital. Fernandez Hospital, with various polytraumatisms that in principle are not serious. While the motorcyclists also transferred to the same hospital died.

As for the initial accident, according to police sources, the drunk driver who was driving a VolksWagen Gol was traveling on Avenida Córdoba and, after crossing the red light, hit a VolksWagen Suran in which three people were traveling. Two of them were transferred to a hospital; while whoever was driving the vehicle, The ambulance that was involved in the fatal accident waited for several hours.

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