An angry elephant killed a woman in India and trampled her body at the funeral

According to reports, the elephant had escaped from Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in Jharkhand, Jharkhand state, 200 km from Raipal, Odisha state, Mayurbhanj district.

The animal trampled the woman, leaving irrecoverable wounds, with a second hit that occurred while the family carried out the exhumation.

However, the woman’s family went ahead with the funeral, although it is unknown if another member who participated in the ceremony was also injured.

Another elephant attack in India

It is not the first time that a deadly conflict with a sacred animal has occurred in India.

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In September 2021 a bus was rammed by an elephant, also angry, according to Hindu sources. The wild animal sank its fangs against the windshield of the car, shattering it. The driver and his successful maneuvers, in the face of the pachyderm’s violence, were described as a true feat in the media and in Indian society.

“Huge respect to the driver of this public bus in Nilgiris who remained calm even under terrifying beatings on the bus by a nervous elephant,” the chief secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Environment wrote on Twitter at the time. Tamil Nadu Government Forests, Supriya Sahu.

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