An electric car can be much safer

Continental informed the Portfolio, that production of the high-voltage current sensor module (CSM) will begin later this year.

In addition to measuring temperature, the compact modular sensor also measures current. Both values ​​are very important information for battery management. To protect the battery, another important and innovative element has been launched by the automotive supplier: the Battery Impact Detection (BID) solution is a lightweight alternative to heavy-duty underground “armor” protection.

Electrifying vehicles brings new uses and thus opens up more opportunities for our sensor activities, as an electric car needs the same sensors as a conventional car – and then even more.

– reads Laurent Fabre, Continental’s Passive Security and Sensory Manager, in a statement on Wednesday.

Protecting the battery and maintaining its performance, for example, are two additional tasks that arise for electrified vehicles. The current sensor module and battery shock sensor solutions provide a solution for both purposes

The specialist added.

The most expensive part of electric cars is the battery: CSM is not only designed to protect the battery from overcurrent, but also to help preserve battery performance by limiting the effects of aging.

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