An investment of two and a half billion forints helped to develop cycling in Szeged

At the handover ceremony on Saturday, László Botka, the mayor of the Association for Szeged, said that a two-year, comprehensive urban development program had ended with the completion of the investment. The contractor of the investment was Délút Kft.

The works affected six parts of the city, rebuilt busy junctions where public transport is preferred in several places, and set up eighteen trolley and bus stops.

As part of the project, 26 kilometers of cycle paths were built, expanding the city’s cycle path network to 121 kilometers.

– said the politician, adding that Szeged has the highest proportion of cyclists among the major Hungarian cities.

Perhaps the most important element of the developments was the reconstruction of one of the oldest roads in the city, Oskola Street. In recent decades, the street has become one of the busiest cycling routes in Hungary, and the Szeged bridgehead connected to it is one of the busiest cycling junctions.

Directional cycle lanes have been set up on the street and public lanes at the end of the bridge. In Oskola Street, the width of the sidewalk has been increased from 2.5 to 4.5 meters, so that the restaurants operating here can operate terraces, and a row of trees has been installed next to the road. As part of the investment, the reconstruction of the drinking water backbone network of Oskola Street and Stefania was also carried out.


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