An Irish film in Gaelic surprises the British box office

A first film without a big name on the bill, with a relatively modest budget of 1.2 million euros and shot in the Irish language (also called Irish Gaelic): on paper, An Cailín Ciúin (released in English under the title The Quiet Girl) was unlikely to break through at the box office.

Yet that is what has happened since it hit UK and Irish screens in mid-May. Although only released in 70 theaters in Ireland and 30 in the UK, Colm Bairéad’s feature debut “surprised the whole sector […] totaling more than 610,000 euros in revenue at the end of last week”, reports The Guardian. That is about four times more thanTear offa film by Tom Sullivan released in 2019, which held the previous record (with 164,000 euros) for a film in Gaelic.

Awarded at the Berlinale

Also last week, the film reached “the 14e up out of 20” at the box

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