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The national deputy of front of all Carlos Cisneros came out in defense of the president Alberto Fernandez when claiming to The Campora have a “moral authority“when making his criticisms. However, when asked about a possible formula for the 2023 elections, he did not include the president and proposed to Sergio Massa Y Juan Manzur.

“I don’t like that they criticize the President when you are in the Government”, began by saying the Tucuman leader about the repeated criticism of the group he leads maximum kirchner, his companion bench. “That kind of contradictions hurt us all and it hurts the front of all“, he added.

Alberto Fernández studied at the Otamendi Sanatorium and returned to Olivos

“We all have the right to criticize and if we do it publicly, we also. But we have to have an attitude, a gesture, moral authority, not enjoying charges within the structure managed by Alberto Fernández,” said the legislator in statements to the Actualidad Política TV program, which is broadcast by METRO channel.

“I have another logic, as a Peronist and as a man trained within the labor movement: things are spoken where they have to be spoken and things are said without trying to weaken the one who leads,” he remarked. In this sense, he considered that a sector of the governing coalition “the only thing it has done is ruin the President’s image“.

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur.

Then he gave the example of Facundo Moyanoreferent of the Single Union of Workers of tolls and Afines, who resigned from his bench due to differences with the political alliance. “Did he resign from his bank? Yes, I am in charge of an organization or my organization manages a public organization and nI agree with the president. I hand over the key to the public body. I go to the sidewalk in front and criticize him, “she said.

“You have to try to pacify internally. When you are a pro-government party you have to pay costs. And I think it happens in the entire political force, I think we all need to calm down a bit.“, said the also referent of The bank.

“Massa-Manzur” or “Manzur-Massa” by 2023

In another section of the interview, Cisneros was in favor of the administration that is carrying out Sergio Massa in front of the Ministry of Economy. “I think he is a person who has achieved in a short time and that more to the truth he has teams for everything. If they had made him Minister of Labor, he would have a team.” And he added: “His teams include Marcos and Roberto Lavagna, (Juan) From Mendigurenhas people.”

“I see Massa as good. He is trying to set the pace for the quietism that was put on him by the pandemic, war (between Russia and Ukraine) and for everything else. And besides, I also think that we have to take charge of the fact that there are things that we have done wrong, “she launched.

On the other hand, the official leader referred to the electoral scenario for 2023 and nominated the former head of the Chamber of Deputies and the current chief of staff, Juan Manzur. “My candidate is Manzur. I think he also has a team, he has relationships, he has ties,” she said.

“You have to look for a synthesis. That the formula is Massa-Manzur or Manzur-Massa, that it be a synthesis of what the governors, the labor movement, the business community, the links with international organizations need and request,” he said.

“I think the two of them can be good candidates, but it’s a good formula :MM. It will be decided later. That is why I am convinced that there must be peace or that there must be internal ones. This revalues ​​you and avoids the imposition or the finger, because it has already shown us in recent years that imposing a candidate in this way is not the best“, hill.


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