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An unprecedented monster was photographed next to a zoo

An unprecedented monster was photographed next to a zoo

The city shared the creature on social media One picturewhich was written to have been made in the early hours of May 21st before the Amarillo Zoo.

A strange cap man who likes to walk at night? A chupacabra? Do you have any idea what this UAO – Unidentified Amarillo Object might be?

They wrote.

Michael Kashuba, director of parks in the city of Amarillo, said zoo staff were watching footage from surveillance cameras when they came across the photo. Kashuba a To CBS News he said the cameras are only taking photos and the picture was taken from an open area next to the zoo where there is not much traffic. He said a picture had been sent to him by a staff member at the zoo, and after looking at it with several of his staff, they reached a consensus:

No one could figure out what it was.

The request generated dozens of responses, with several believing that the image depicts a “skinwalker,” a creature in Navajo mythology.

It is clearly a skinwalker that moves between two dimensions

One of the respondents wrote.

Others seemed more confident in their answer: someone wrote it wasn’t great stuff, obviously a werewolf, that’s it.

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