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He interviewed Andi Tóth a Dancing with the Stars Ramóna Lékai-Kiss. The host asked the singer how he was feeling and what his plans were for the next period.

The singer revealed that this year was very difficult for him, as he had between 2 and 300 performances. And you feel tired because of work, so you want to spend December completely relaxing. At the same time, he does not shy away from anyone and anything.

The gate isn’t closed, it’s not like there’s a lock on it. You can open the door, but I only let people in who I see would enter with goodwill and curiosity, not malice. I don’t share the deeper parts of my private life, my relationship, my friends, my work. This is not because I am hiding anything or because I am superficial myself, but regardless of the fact that we are public figures, everyone has the right to a private life

– said Andi Tóth, who will return to the show’s stage for a dance with Andrei Mangra in next week’s final.

He devotes his time to rehearsals

The Index recently reported that Andi Tóth described in an Instagram post what kind of emotions are stirring in him. She feels that she has been attacked too much, but doesn’t understand why, so she has decided to take a break from social media for a while.

At the end of his post, he emphasized that he knows he has to tolerate this, but he wants everyone to realize that we are not overseas, where the stars are surrounded by huge media attention.

This is not America. It’s a small country with a lot of nastiness

– concluded his post, in which he stated that he will not post in the next few days, that he will dedicate his time to rehearsals and try to decide where to go next.

(Cover photo: Andi Tóth. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Velvet)