András Cser-Palkovics: The local government of Fehérvár is trying to manage what it knows

The head of the Székesfehérvár local government spoke about the situation following the government’s decision on ATV’s Straight Speech. He did not rate the information that in 2024 the local and European elections would be held in Hungary at the same time. However, he noted that if the elections take place in May, the new body will have to wait almost half a year to take office, as the mandate of the previous body is until October.

He reiterated his suggestion to keep the electricity demand of public lighting and social institutions, kindergartens and nurseries under the protection of overhead cuts. According to him, this would be a great help, but he emphasized that the government had made a serious decision to end the business tax credit from 2023, which would give Székesfehérvár HUF 2 billion more revenue, but only next year.

Cser-Palkovics also indicated that representatives of the Association of Towns with County Rights will meet with government officials at the end of the month to discuss possible additional resources for local governments.

Catering was also discussed, the cost of which has already risen by 20-30 per cent, and where is the start of school in September. According to the mayor, the local government of Fehérvár is likely to conclude new contracts with catering companies in the autumn, and the difference between the supposedly more expensive services will be covered by the local government as well. However, he promises the city will not raise fees for catering this year.

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