András Fekete-Győr: In the last 12 years, there are results that can be acknowledged

We heard from András Fekete-Győr the first parliamentary speech in the history of the Momentum, he said that he had formulated a dignified message and would like the prestige of the Parliament to be restored.

The leader of the party faction thinks that Hungarian politics has not been a good way so far:

It’s not a good way to always see that one side votes for everything and the other side votes for everything, that everything is black and white. In the last 12 years, there have been achievements that can be recognized. There have been important investments, important investments, new jobs have been created, the economy has grown, but EU money has grown, and these numbers have grown much better in the surrounding countries.

The Momentum originally made participation in substantive parliamentary work subject to five conditions. András Fekete-Győr explained that they are going to the Parliament to put an alternative to the system, and the reason for the fourth two-thirds is that the majority of voters did not see what the country would be like to be recommended by the opposition.

Anna Donáth, the current president of Momentum, is pregnant, so she decided not to run again for the post of party leader. András Fekete-Győr said that he would work 24 hours a day as a faction leader and father, so it would not be responsible to take on another task. The politician emphasized that they love the competition in Momentum, they are confident that Anna Orosz will start, but Katalin Cseh, Tamás Soproni and Gábor Kerpel-Fronius have also proved themselves.

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