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Andrea Cortez, the first actress from Mendoza to receive the Silver Gaviota award

Andrea Cortez, the Mendoza actress who received the Silver Gaviota award on June 18 in Mar del Plata.

AAndrea Cortez becamelast Saturday, in the first artist from Mendoza to receive the Gaviota de Plata award for her work as an independent actress and theater director.

Born in Rivadavia, has lived in Bermejo for several years with her three children. Although it is mainly actressalso write monologues and poetry.

Directs and assumes the role of director in some jobs “With a lot of love and militancy I have gone up to the tables” counted to Via Mendoza.

The playwright also made a caveat: “I consider that the direction is not uidirectional, but a shared game where in a moment one is left outside organizing the ancestral ritual”.

Andrea Cortez belongs to the Enkosala Gladys Ravalle working in the theater, what she is “passionate about”. Also, gives training and acting workshops in the Navarran center.

The beginnings of the “cursed poet”, but actress “above all”

Andrea Cortez, the Mendoza actress who received the Silver Gaviota award on June 18 in Mar del Plata. (Courtesy/Andrea Cortez/)

My first contact with the theater was seeing a play by the Enkos directed by who would later be my teacher, “El Comoti”, began.

Andrea remembers that episode introduced her to who her “mother, companion, shaman and friend”: Gladys Ravalle. She defines her as an “unpolluted woman actress” who drew on her body what she plays today when she enters each fiction.

It started in the Enkosala in the year 2000 and years later he accompanied a group; made up of Juan Comoti, Valeria Portillo, Diana Moyano and Marcelo Díaz; a found the Enkosala Gladys Ravalle in Godoy Cruz.

Some time later, colleagues joined who “acquired important roles for Enko”, such as Cristian Bustos, while Andrea Cortez walked “other directions”.

As director and playwright mounted “The cat in heat, what is love, how long does it last?”which features the performance of Valeria Portillo.

His vision of acting, a “trench”

Studyand still does, Pompey Audivert’s technique, with whom he also trained. That’s when she did “click” in her training as an actress.

“I began to see the theater as a trench, where militancy and flight go through breaking reality as it is presented to us by hitting the mirror with a stone, ”he said.

Furthermore, he understands it as a kaleidoscope: it serves to understand the historical past that “crosses us” and thus “stop to telling from a poetic and political us”, explained the actress.

Among his projects: the reconstruction of the Gladys Ravalle Theater

The morning of June 10, the Enkosala Gladys Ravalle burned completely. Andrea is one of the artists who works there and aspires to rebuild the theater to be able to go back to work.

“Raw” is another of his projects, a monologue who directs and wrote together with “another companion who fights”: Erica Gómez. She also works at “Posadas Project”, a text by Binetti, directing “very talented” colleagues.

“I am very happy” as guest actress in a comedy by Andrés Gordillo and Facundo Fozco, called “Heaped up”.

I have the great pleasure of sharing with very talented and generous colleagueswith whom in a very short time we acquired a very nice chemistry”, he declared.

Gaviota de plata 2022: the first actress from Mendoza to receive the award

Andrea Cortez, the Mendoza actress who received the Silver Gaviota award on June 18 in Mar del Plata. (Courtesy/Andrea Cortez/)

Andrea Cortez, accompanied by her mother, at the Silver Gaviota 2022 award gala. (Courtesy/Andrea Cortez/)

Andrea Cortez was awarded for her work as a theater director and actress last June 18 in Mar del Plata.

The artist said that she received the Silver Seagull “thanks to a colleague who applied for me for the recognition and made it possible for me to be at the award ceremony”: this is the actress and poet Claudia Kolker.

Currently, the playwright gives training and acting classes at the Navarro centerand is about to open a new theater workshop group. It appears on social networks as: @andreaflacacortez on Instagram and Andrea Cortez on Facebook.

The actress “above all” and “damn poet” as a consequence, is immersed in art in everyday life: He gives workshops, rehearses and writes every day because he is “passionate” about theater.

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