Andrés Larroque: "Sectarianism is in those who want to govern with five friends"

With the Frente de Todos marked by the inmates on the economic course that the Government should take, the secretary general of La Cámpora spoke this morning, Andres Larroqueand asked the president Alberto Fernandez and to its “sidekicks” that they stop believing that “the enemy” is Vice President Cristina Kirchner, and that it be discussed with the entire coalition. “They want to call us sectarians, when sectarianism is in those who want to govern with five friends,” raised the also Buenos Aires Development Minister, who gave voice in these weeks to the proposals of Kirchnerism.

In addition to mentioning “ingratitude” of a part of the ruling party with Cristina Kirchner and to express the well-known disagreement of the group that leads Maximo Kirchner with the way the agreement was negotiated with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Larroque aimed directly at the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman. He said that two years ago he intended to “humanize” the credit institution and even asserted that “Without a doubt” Governor Axel Kicillof would have reached a better understanding, if he were in charge of the national economic portfolio.

Convinced that the convergence over the external debt was “the pinnacle” of a series of “unilateral” decisions that were made, Larroque once again complained about the media messages that come from the closest nucleus of the President’s officials. “There is a lot of wear operation, operation in offwhich shows ingratitude”, held in Radio Futurock and I add:It ends up carrying the idea that Cristina is the problem and that is ungrateful towards those who generated and developed the conditions for the Front to exist”.

In this sense, he also stated: “It is a clumsiness not understand that she is part of the solution and not the problem. There is a lot of pettiness, there are leaders who live in speculation and end up taking things so that the decisions of the core of the government, which surrounds Alberto, have that wrong look.

With the darts aimed at that entourage of officials close to Fernández, whom he did not name, Larroque said that those who are now “tearing their clothes” are the ones who claimed to Cristina Kirchner that her government “was hegemonic” and “closed on La Cámpora” when he passed by the Casa Rosada. “If we believed that the mistake of Cristina’s second government was a certain closure, let’s be consistent with what was said at the time. They were the same ones who today are beating the patch with the issue that you cannot give an opinion because it harms unity and the political process,” he remarked.

So, under that position, the fielder sent a message to the President about how to face his management: “When one assumes an important responsibility in any area, and especially in the Presidency, he has to be open to leading the group. You can’t drive a group of friends. The set is wide and would have to be expanded more. They are what we like and not. They want to call us -La Cámpora, Cristina, the sector that Cristina represents- ‘sectarian’, when sectarianism is in those who want to govern with five friends”.

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