Andres Larroque and Alberto Fernandez 20220324

The Minister of Development of the Community of Buenos Aires, Andres Larroquequestioned the president again Alberto Fernandez and targeted the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman. In addition, he assured that the official “He was always against the IFE” and denounced “ingratitude” of the albertista sector with Cristina Kirchner.

The crack within the Front of All continues its course. After the geographical differences in the meeting points to march towards Plaza de Mayo for the National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice, the sectors close to President Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner continue with cross criticism and political accusations.

During the week, “El Cuervo” had launched a Chicana against the President for his past as Florencio Randazzo’s campaign manager during the 2017 legislative elections where he faced Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. “He was campaign manager of a space that got 4 points in the Province.”

This Sunday he resumed his questions pointing to the off the record and to the environment of the national president. For Larroque, “Both the President and his side must get out of that labyrinth in which they got into believing that the enemy is Cristina or the sector that she represents”.

“There is a lot of wear and tear operation and offwhich show ingratitude. It ends up coming to the idea that Cristina is the problem and is ungrateful towards those who generated and developed the conditions for the Frente de Todos to exist”, added in dialogue with “How do you see her?” by Futurock.

Later, he slipped how Alberto Fernández was chosen to lead the campaign of the Front of All, in 2019. “The situation hurts me a lot. It seems to me that there is a very high level of ingratitude. In pragmatic terms, a huge mistake is being made in not taking Cristina into account. This is resolved by leaving aside the chiquilinadas, “she questioned.

He also referred to those who question the critical stance of Kirchnerism over the decisions of the Head of State and said that the situation “leads us to a dead end, to a trap that if you think you are breaking unity and if you remain silent you are not contributing to that plurality that was one of the axes that Alberto himself claimed”.

What Andrés Larroque said about Martín Guzmán

The Buenos Aires official, linked to La Cámpora and critical of the Head of State, pointed directly against Martín Guzmán’s negotiations. “Axel Kicillof would have negotiated the agreement with the IMF better”he said first.


“The Fund comes for Peronism, they have to understand it. We spent two years here dedicated to humanizing the IMF, and that was a big mistake that the Minister of Economy made,” he said.

For Larroque, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda “He was always against the IFE“, a measure that was “a success of the government.” “I don’t know why, how or who told Alberto that he was no longer useful. They told us that it couldn’t continue because that was transferred to the blue dollar or to inflation, and we continue with high inflation. Today an instrument is required to transit this social emergency that Argentina is experiencing, “he assured.

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